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Tips for best game play:

  • Close all other windows and programs.

  • Maximize your browser and don't resize your browser or change screen resolutions during game play (may cause graphic corruption).

Flash Games

Alien - help the alien escape his cell!

Alien Abduction - invade earth and get samples for your ship.

Alien Attack - Defend your mars base from alien attack.

Crypt Raider - Guide your explorer through the crypt maze.

Cybermice Party - Guide you cybermice to their cheese.

Galactic Warrior - Vertical scrolling shoot em up game.

Galaxians - The classic alien attack arcade game.

Go Green Go - Guide your ship through the cavern and land safely on various platforms.

Indiana Jones and the Lost Treasure of Pharaoh - Help Indy find the treasure.

Mission to Mars - Level the city to safely land your spaceship.

Monkey Lander - Collect bananas with your monkey-manned spacecraft.

Lunar Command - An update of the classic Missle Command arcade game.

Pharaoh's Tomb - Collect all the gold you can in this 3D adventure game.

Rigelian Hotshots - a fast paced space ship shooting game.

Space Bugs - A updated version of the classic Galaga game.

Space Explorer - Another version of Lunar Lander, updated with flashy graphics.

Space Fighter - Fancy graphics are a highlight of this Asteroids inspired game.

Space Invaders - The original arcade classic with modern graphics.

Starship 11 - Navigate your ship through a danger filled cavern.

Tower Defense - Protect the princess in the tower!

Xraye - A unique and addictive puzzle game.


Java Games

Asteroids - the classic arcade space game.

Bombs - blast the falling bombs with your lazer.

Defender of the Moon - Aliens from Vraktu VII are attacking your moonbase to steal it's energy. Defend your base!

Dugout - A Dig Dug arcade game clone. (Hey...you do fight monsters!)

Galaxy Tag - Pilot your sphere and capture space targets.

Iridium - Save the planet Irue from destruction!

Lunar Lander - "old timers" will remember this throwback to early PC gaming.

Missle Commando - The classic nuclear war game!

Real Invaders - A Space Invaders style arcade game with great sounds.

Sci-Fi Word Search - A "find the word" puzzle game.

Space War - A shoot 'em up that reminds you of Galaga.

Starfire - Your basic shooter. Blast the oncoming ships.

Tail Gunner - a fast paced space ship shooting game.

UFO Attack - Save the earth from alien invaders.

Urbanoids - explore the widths and depths of a city full of homicidal robots.

Warp 1.5 - Battle your way through alien landscapes.


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