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Art Gallery Publication Agreement :
  1. You retain copyright to your work and may remove it at any time. You explicitly grant Speculative Vision a non-exclusive electronic license to display any work you submit. No compensation of any kind is offered to the artist for publication. Speculative Vision reserves the right to remove any artwork for any reason, or for no reason, as we may choose.
  2. By submitting artwork you warrant and represent that it was created by you and/or that you hold all applicable rights to publication. Speculative Vision will not be held responsible for any plagiarized work published on this site, and you agree to indemnify and hold us harmless for any loss, liability, claim, damage, and expenses arising from or in connection with anything you submit to this site.
  3. Submitted artwork must be Sci-fi/Fantasy/Horror related. Surreal and abstract themes are usually OK. Fan art based directly on famous works (i.e. Star Trek, Wheel of Time, Dragonriders of Pern, etc.) is highly discouraged due to potential problems with trademarks and copyrights. Please post works of your own imagining.
  4. Speculative Vision does not allow art that includes nudity of any kind. This includes art that consists primarily of explicitly erotic themes regardless of nudity. While we certainly appreciate the value and beauty of artistic nudity please understand that it is simply not approriate for this site's audiance. Please note that artistic nudity on your own web site will not necessarily preclude you from having a gallery here.
  5. We are happy to announce that we have removed our overall gallery space limits! This means you are welcome to post as much artwork here as you wish. Please note that our per file limits on image dimensions and file size may still apply.

Gallery Application:

IMPORTANT!! Our art gallery relies upon our forum member database for access. If you do not already have one you must first create a forum account before you can submit artwork. YOUR FORUM LOGIN SHOULD BE HOW YOU WANT YOUR NAME TO APPEAR ON YOUR GALLERY.

What is your (real) name?
This is just for us, your gallery name will be the same as your forum login

What is your forum username/login?
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How can The Master contact you?
Your E-mail address (not revealed on our site unless you post it)

What is the URL of your website?
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