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About....home-made maps?
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About....home-made maps?

Permanent Linkby Loxley on Fri Mar 05, 2010 4:49 am


So!! Here's a blog with my name on it! Muchos Gracias, Master! :D

I just checked out my old pictures, and found a couple of nice maps I did for an RP once way back when. The roleplay took place in Renaissance Italy, and thus, the maps are of Florence and Venice. I had an awesome time making them, and I'm pretty damn satisfied with them, so I figured I'd show 'em to y'all and brag a bit. I wonder if I can make munny off of that? :twisted: Seriously, tho, what do you guys think? Think there's a market for it?

This is the Florence map, the first of the two that I made:

And this is the Venice map:

As comparison, here's the map I made on Britannia, for the Celtic RP. This one I made much later. It's been, maybe a year or a bit less since I made the above two maps. This one I made only weeks ago. In this case, though, I used a basic outline of Britain that I snatched off Google, and filled it in myself:

Oh! From one thing to another!

Spring is on the way. Totally sexy! The day before yesterday I went out on a 10 km walk, just because the weather was SO kickass! I can't wait until spring REALLY comes and we'll get rid of this damn snow. As always when spring comes, my hobo tendencies creep out. (I'm serious here). So, come fall, I'm going to go out on a loooooooooooong walk - more like wandering trip - and live and sleep by a trangia kitchen and sleeping bag. I'm heading down to Österlen - it's totally beautiful there in the spring. I'm already saving up the munny. I think I can manage with about 30 bucks or so for food and stuff. It'll be awesome.

Ok. I'm done now. For now. Cya guys around. :shock:

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