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The Epos of the Soul Crystal
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A new book - and scrapping of an old?
   Sat Mar 06, 2010 8:02 am
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A new book - and scrapping of an old?

Permanent Linkby Loxley on Sat Mar 06, 2010 8:02 am


Way back when, I had this idea for an epic fantasy series set in my world of Everlain. It was truly epic, well worthy of rivaling Lord of the Rings, if not in well-writtenness, at least in epicness. In time, I scrapped the idea, not because it was bad, because my interest drew elsewhere. And in time, I came back to the world, but not the idea, and wrote my fantasy novel, the Shade Souls. That was my first book ever written, and while interesting, it's not what I "want".

Now, we've come full circle, and I'm back where I began. I want to write my epic, and I'm working on it right now, starting yesterday, working title "the Soul Crystal". It chronicles the path of the elven Bladesinger Arden Greyhamn (a man some of you may be familiar with from Lycoria already) and his men, as they fight to prevent an ancient evil from awakening and destroying the free world as they know it. There will be war, there will be love, and there will be sadness, and great, epic battles. More importantly, I hope there will be something that most fantasy novels I've read lack; a true insight into a MODERN, still existing, still going strong, elven society. I HATED the whole idea many fantasy authors have of elves "retreating from the world", "dying out" and all that crap. It's so damn depressing.

Also, I was never terribly fond of anti-heroes that can't fend for themselves, like those damn hobbits of Tolkien's, so let us put any doubt to rest right here and now; Arden, the hero of the epic, is quite likely one of the most skilled swordsmen of his city. Not THE most skilled - there are more skilled - but ONE of the most skilled.

So, what stage am I at now in the process?

Well, as I said, I just started. First of all, I'm going to get a rough idea of what is to happen in the book - and how many more will follow, and what will happen in them. Then, I will go on to the process of writing a rough outline for the first book. After that, I will either refine and detail the outline, or skip that step and go right to the important part - writing it. I'll be using the method I know best for writing a book, namely the Kiser Method, sometimes known as the Fifthwind Boot Camp. That's the method I used to write my previous book, and, well...it works.

Updates shall come here as I proceed. :mrgreen:

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