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conspiracy ravings by Itzimna

Permanent Linkby who me on Wed Mar 07, 2012 1:06 am


03/06/12 09:33 PM

The reason for the military buildup during the Eisenhower administration does have a rational explanation. In the early 50s, Eisenhower was visited by extraterrestrials. The first group that he encountered (the Nords) offered to provide assistance in our spiritual development. However, they were appalled by our warlike tendencies and demanded that we disarm our nuclear weapons. The Eisenhower administration refused.

They were then approached by a second group of extraterrestrials (the Greys) who offered technology in return for permission to abduct American citizens and perform medical experiments on them. The Eisenhower administration agreed to this treaty, although the Greys were quite forceful in pushing the conditions of the treaty. The technology we received was less than what we had bargained for, and the Greys began abducting many more citizens then they were permitted to by the terms of the treaty. Realizing that the Greys were untrustworthy, the Eisenhower administration feared that the Greys would invade our planet. They then began to develop advanced missile technologies in preparation for a defense against a planetary invasion. Realizing that they could not disclose the extraterrestrial threat to the public, the administration blamed the Russians for the military buildup.

I will keep posting this comment until the truth is heard!! It has to get out there! Otherwise you cannot truly be free! Don't you all understand the system? The holograms they have set up? Brain waves can power an electric train! Do you understand the implications of that? People call me crazy. That's only because the system has made a protocol in which they try to discredit people who see past the illusion! They appear to be crazy because they see things that aren't there, and they don't see things that are there. What is really going on is they have a natural immunity to the holograms! The system created by these "Greys" dictates our laws. Certain medical compounds derived from plants (Salvia Divinorum, certain strains of Marijuana, Psilocybin mushrooms) can cause interference with the Reality Inhibiting Field Transmitter's signal! Go out and do the research people! The signs are literally everywhere!

Do you see the bottle? Bottles are not made out of glass. They are made out of a compound that the Grey's have manufactured on their home planet. It contains a chemical which contaminates the liquids we drink. That's why more and more beverages are coming in bottles. That's why the corporations want you to drink bottled water. They already have the fluoride in the tap water as well. You have to push through their barriers!

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Re: conspiracy ravings by Itzimna

Permanent Linkby waytanblee on Sat Nov 03, 2012 9:09 am

OMG! That's why beer makes you drunk! Will be watching this one from behind the couch, Pim.
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Re: conspiracy ravings by Itzimna

Permanent Linkby mithukarim0 on Sun May 01, 2016 9:03 pm

You can post more here http://www.blackhatforum.co
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