Learning how to sit

Permanent Link by waytanblee on Fri Jun 08, 2012 7:02 am
The interesting thing about coming back here is that there are always the same people gracing its halls. Well, another few months without a peep and still no book. I have decided I am quitting for now and I really want to start my clothing company, Cstarnt. That's my ring, since I'm born on the same day as Frodo Baggins. By the way, my voices are better now because I found out that I could fix them by writing to people with a pen and paper. Sending owls, I call it. My house used to shake all day with burnouts and slamming of car doors until I wrote to Phil, my dad, to shut up and stop bothering me. The damned thing is that it worked, I don't know what I was doing writing the letter in the first place, but I found out, all by my self, a method of communicating with the atmosphere and creating peace. I wonder what got through and what was happening, it is all very interesting. Fingers crossed I finally have the maturity to stick around this time. God knows I need friends, All my old friends don't even MSG me on Facebook anymore. I really need to stop wishing and go get a job :3
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