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Author:  Bmat [ Thu Sep 04, 2014 7:21 am ]
Blog Subject:  RIP Bobby

We got Bobby from a Pennsylvania animal adoption organization. Our son picked up Bobby and his cage mate, Buddy, for us, and we drove up to his house to pick up the 6 month old kittens. Bobby had been found in a parking lot and taken to the shelter. Bobby was a charcoal colored Manx. He was a frightened cat all of his 4 years of life. He and I bonded, and I was the only one he would come to. When extended family troubles took me away from home frequently, the wetting outside the litter box started. We had a number of tests run, and no physical cause could be found. We tried two kinds of calming medications, but gave up on the second because Bobby could not be caught to give it to him. The wetting got worse. I bought a pheromone collar, but the second day he had it on, it got caught in his mouth and cut him, so we took him immediately over to the vet. The vet treated him for cuts, and I brought up about the wetting all over the house. The vet had previously said that this would be reasonable cause to have Bobby put down. I cared about Bobby. He was a teddy bear of a kitty, always a bit suspicious and wary, but he let me pet him and hold him. We'd only had him a couple weeks when I had an injection in my back for pain. I went to bed when I got home, and when I woke up, there was Bobby nestled against my back where the shot had been given. It was the first voluntary contact he'd made with any of us.

The last few weeks I had brought up to my husband about the possibility of getting Bobby put down, since the vet had mentioned it. It seemed that I was frequently doing laundry and cleaning storage containers and the floor and the furniture to clean up after Bobby. When we had to take Bobby to the vet this morning for the mouth injury, after the vet had given him an injection to help with the healing, I brought up again about the possibility. It seemed that it was a good time, since he was already there. So my husband and I talked it over in the office, and decided to end Bobby's life. We arranged to get his ashes, and we'll bury them next to the burial spots of our previous cats.

My heart is aching.


Author:  Bmat [ Sun Oct 11, 2015 7:22 am ]

I see it has been over a year since Bobby died. I still miss him. I miss his curling up in my arms whenever I picked him up.

What I don't miss is being afraid to put anything on the floor, or most other surfaces, since Bobby would wet on them. Also, Buddy, the cat we got the same time as Bobby since they were cage mates, has blossomed since Bobby no longer harasses him.

There is melancholy in my heart, though, wondering if I did well in having Bobby put down. Practically I know it was right. I'm not sure about morally.

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