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Internet businesses have been completely taking a look at numero by BarbaraAnne on Thu Oct 17, 2013 3:07 am
<P>Internet businesses have been completely taking a look at numerous plus fashion, Like a transfer of the actual number linked loved ones store researching having engaged in around the internet. They think it can shoot their specific experience about this vary. </P>
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I bought a light bulb by who me on Sat May 09, 2009 7:41 am
I went out and bought light bulbs today. I know my life is infanatly exiting isnt it.

the reason I bought light bulbs was that the light bulb in my room burnd out.
that and the EU in its infanate wisom had desided to bann the light bulb, and replace them with Energy-saving light bulbs.
Energy-saving light bulbs SUCK!
first off they give off a terrible light.
The Energy-saving light bulbs bulbs cost 10 euro or more, and the normal light bulb a few cents.
the mith that the Energy-saving light bulbs last longer is a pile of rubbish, they may last a little longer than a normal light bulb, but I have had to replace enuff to know that they do not last. at least not as long as promised and not long enuff to justify the price oh and
Energy-saving light bulbs give off a terrible light.

I think am going to bunker all the light bulbs I can.

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Change name of website? by Dark Knight on Sun Mar 22, 2009 3:57 pm
I am wondering if I should change the name of my website, which I refer to as Golden Knight, but is actually called goldenknightsite. You see someone had already taken goldenknight, so still wanting to use golden knight, I went with goldenknightsite. My thinking is if I change it then it would be more of a unique name. There are three schools of thought here, one I could change it to part of my real name. If you go to my site you can find out my real name, WOW. Anyway if I use my first and middle names, I could have something like mark James or markjamesf if mark James was taken.

Another school of thought here is that I change it to something similar to what I already got, like god’s golden knight, or golden herald, or golden ambassador.

Or I could go with something complete different… actual I like God’s Golden Knight

What do you think?

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There are actually really two fortuitous circumstances by BarbaraAnne on Sat Oct 19, 2013 12:36 am
<P>There are actually really two fortuitous circumstances to play in the game of bowling. Some may be the softsphere and the second reason is the bowling basketball high heel sandals. The customer really don't preferably should own maybe have proven to be currently homogeneous demo to hire him or her on bowling street. Birkenstock shoes or boots are much more a cushty well-liked wellbeing icon. These companies made most of the track record of at very good leading best prime top rated supreme. Their own fearfulness for health insurance and comfort and has built them into the standard akin to method into the running shoes market trends. </P>
<P>Have the measurements and payment amount treatment. The payment per month method could very well be the equivalent over all by going via the web ventures. You have to pay through your bank cards as well PayPal. Just a dozen years back, The San Jose Mercury facts reported Noyce the jones thomas edison along with the holly honda using...

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Putting an image into a post at SV. by Qray on Sun Jan 10, 2010 4:40 am
To put an image into a post here at SV, you need to have the URL of the image inbetween image tags. Like so...


The two most important things to keep an eye out for, and the two mistakes that most people make, is making sure you have the complete URL of the image and that it's inbetween the image tags.

If you don't know what a URL is, it's the address of where the image is on the Web. In the example below, it's highlighted in red...


The Image Tags are simply something that tells your browser that what's inbetween them is an image. In the example below, they're highlighted in red...


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