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Day 11. by Silvanus on Fri Sep 19, 2008 11:14 pm
Goal: 200 words.
Written: 328 words.

“Something’s wrong.” Todd said suddenly, turning to look at Verity. “Horribly wrong.”

“I can feel it to, that book is powerful.” She turned to look down the alleyway and then back at Todd, “Do you think we should,”

“Yeah,” Todd responded, cutting off the end of her sentence and turning to open the door into the temple. “Keep close and keep your eyes open.”

The two walked into the temple and turned right, following the same path Jon had down the first hallway and into the second hall. They came to the spot where the stairway had been but found instead that the wall had closed itself across the point of entry.

“It’s behind here I swear,” Todd groaned, pushing on the wall in hopes that it would just swing open, but achieving little more than tiring himself.

“Maybe there’s another way?” Verity suggested, turning and looking around. “Oh no, Todd.. he’s back..”

“Who, Jon?” Todd asked, turning to follow her look and seeing the man from the alleyway.

[ Continued ]

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A new book - and scrapping of an old? by Loxley on Sat Mar 06, 2010 8:02 am

Way back when, I had this idea for an epic fantasy series set in my world of Everlain. It was truly epic, well worthy of rivaling Lord of the Rings, if not in well-writtenness, at least in epicness. In time, I scrapped the idea, not because it was bad, because my interest drew elsewhere. And in time, I came back to the world, but not the idea, and wrote my fantasy novel, the Shade Souls. That was my first book ever written, and while interesting, it's not what I "want".

Now, we've come full circle, and I'm back where I began. I want to write my epic, and I'm working on it right now, starting yesterday, working title "the Soul Crystal". It chronicles the path of the elven Bladesinger Arden Greyhamn (a man some of you may be familiar with from Lycoria already) and his men, as they fight to prevent an ancient evil from awakening and destroying the free world as they know it. There will be war, there will be love, and there will be sadness, and great, epic battles....

[ Continued ]

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Cat, Coin Flipper by waytanblee on Sun Nov 04, 2012 3:46 am
Cat—breaches low, hat slanted, jacket buttoned and patched—telling himself:
food will come, this coin flipping, erstwhile.
The blood runs in the streets this night.
From compassions glare, from hates fiery kiss.
All the while, the cat flips his coin, a smirk on his gape.
From where does this lowly cat get his feeling?

It is night now, and the cat sleeps folded in a box with a pillow.
His chest breaths in the icy air, and out? Tobacco smoke;
chocolate filled and beetle ridden.
The beetles craw through his throat and out his nose, like many dreams.
Spiral out his eyes like staircases and sheet music manifold.
We all know where this cat gets his warmth this night, from the swan neck bottle.
Peace and quiet, vacant as the rumbling cars and his peaceful expression.

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Brief Comment about Chipper by Bmat on Mon Sep 29, 2008 11:55 am
I sighed sadly this afternoon when I realized that our Guard Cat, so to speak, is gone.

Chipper was such a scaredy cat that anytime someone came to the door or drove down our driveway, Chipper would take off and fly through the cat door leading to the basement. When I heard that clunk of the door, I knew there was someone near the house.

Last night Sammy, the orange cat, hopped up onto the computer desk. When I lifted him down, he paused and looked and looked around the room. He is used to being attacked by Chipper when Sammy is in the office. After looking around for a while, Sammy decided that Chipper must be waiting in ambush outside the office door to the hallway. So Sammy dashed across the hallway into the bathroom.

It appears that it will take Sammy a while to realize that he doesn't need to hide from Chipper anymore.


ETA: When I went to the basement today I had a moment of sadness. Chipper...

[ Continued ]

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Change name of website? by Dark Knight on Sun Mar 22, 2009 3:57 pm
I am wondering if I should change the name of my website, which I refer to as Golden Knight, but is actually called goldenknightsite. You see someone had already taken goldenknight, so still wanting to use golden knight, I went with goldenknightsite. My thinking is if I change it then it would be more of a unique name. There are three schools of thought here, one I could change it to part of my real name. If you go to my site you can find out my real name, WOW. Anyway if I use my first and middle names, I could have something like mark James or markjamesf if mark James was taken.

Another school of thought here is that I change it to something similar to what I already got, like god’s golden knight, or golden herald, or golden ambassador.

Or I could go with something complete different… actual I like God’s Golden Knight

What do you think?

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