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Believe it or not, a "Made in China" label is actually a good by BarbaraAnne on Mon Dec 09, 2013 12:13 am
<P>How to Spot Fake <a title="jordans 13 black red" href="http://www.sportsneakersale.com/cheap-nike-air-jordan-13-shoes-black-varsity-red-p-2417.html" target=_blank><STRONG>jordans 13 black red</STRONG></a> Uggs</P>
<P>Believe it or not, a "Made in China" label is actually a good sign on a pair of genuine Ugg boots. The shoes are, in fact, made in China by Deckers Inc. (an American company) as of several years ago. Classic and Short Uggs should both sport "Made in China" labels. A "Made in New Zealand" label actually may be a sign that the Uggs are fake. The only exceptions are Ugg Nightfall, Ugg Sundance and Ugg Ultra boots. </P>
<P>Price is one of the primary factors when <a title="jordans 13 white red" href="http://www.sportsneakersale.com/cheap-nike-air-jordan-13-shoes-retro-white-red-black-p-2418.html" target=_blank><STRONG>jordans 13 white red</STRONG></a>...

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Sierra by Ariel on Fri Aug 22, 2008 8:09 am
At work, beneath the picnic table in front of the building, my husband and I noticed a carboard box lined with padded material. Out steps this gorgeous deep orange cat who quickly proceeded to rub our legs and purr away. :shock: Long story short, she has come home with us. I will update soon.

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RIAA seeks sanctions against Harvard Law School prof. by Qray on Tue Feb 17, 2009 5:17 am
RIAA seeks sanctions against Harvard Law School prof.

Joel Tenenbaum's file-swapping case is being handled by a Harvard Law prof and his students, but the RIAA wants Professor Nesson censured and fined after he tries to depose a mysterious music industry lawyer.

The Joel Tenenbaum file-swapping case continues to get weirder--and we're still months away from an actual trial. Not only has the RIAA now appealed the judge's order allowing one particular hearing to be webcast, but music industry lawyers are now seeking sanctions on Tenenbaum's lawyer, Harvard Law professor Charles Nesson.

The webcasting issue is perhaps the oddest; the RIAA appears to believe that broadcasting pretrial hearings will influence the potential jury pool for the trial. Although the judge called...

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RIAA vs. Harvard Law. by Qray on Tue Feb 17, 2009 5:15 am
RIAA defendant enlists Harvard Law prof, students

Another file-sharing case is moving to trial, but the defendant has recently picked up some powerful allies: a Harvard Law prof and his class of students. Together, they argue that the entire underpinnings of the RIAA campaign are flawed and unconstitutional.

Joel Tenenbaum, accused in August 2007 of swapping seven songs on KaZaA, is mounting an unusual defense. First representing himself, Tenenbaum has now attracted the help of a Harvard Law professor and a class of cyberlaw students, and he is intent on taking the case to a trial. In a counterclaim against the recording industry, Tenenbaum's legal team argues that the entire RIAA "onslaught" is unconstitutional and that federal judges should impose serious limits on the group's legal campaign.

Professor Charles Nesson of Harvard Law (a founder of the prestigious Berkman Center for Internet & Society) has agreed...

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Lookin' casual, feelin' dynamite by Qray on Fri Nov 28, 2008 12:29 pm
Just puttin' that out there.

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