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by nightlock

Nightlock wrote:As the time has flown by, many things happened in my life since the last time I visited this site.

Time fled past me like an intercity train going through a small station. We are painfully aware of it's passing, as it's displacement affects us, and it's noise silences our conversations. But it's gone by so fast that we cannot react, cannot impact and cannot influence it's passing. Events in our lives are like the passengers, you recognize their faces but before you can say anything to them, they've gone.

Continuing this (ultimately flawed) analogy, I've watched several intercities race on by me and am now keenly aware of my train about to enter the station and halt at the platform I've inhabited for the past 2 years. Not only have the intercities kept me from visiting Speculative Vision, they've kept me from writing completely. I look forward to boarding the next train, and finally get my life rolling again.

As before, a multitude of ideas vie for my attention and yet I have managed to restrict myself to only two. Two projects, one small yet easily messed up, and one big, difficult and a bit odd. Time to collect my thoughts, and write their skeletons.

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- March 2009
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   Thu Mar 12, 2009 7:35 am

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