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Mad World! Sheepdogs Banned!

by Dark Knight

In a ever increasing mad world, I read the latest madness in the paper today, after seeing pictures of a man catching a marlin by jumping out of a helicopter and catching one on a surf board, I read about the sheepdogs.

In a world where you are celebrated for catching a large fish, just to let it go, and coursing it allsorts of stress, you are not allowed to stress sheep. It seems fish no matter how big are just viewed as play things. Hunting of all sorts of animals are banned, but a fish is a fish…

But you may be asking what this sheepdog madness is?

Well if you come to NZ in the future and go to a farm, there might be something missing, Sheepdogs! While not banned from farms at this time, it could be coming…

Because sheepdogs have now been banned from Silver Fern processing plants. Silver Fern Farms, a NZ company came up with this latest madness. This is because it could cause the sheep stress. There is an “international belief that the dogs frighten lambs and cause them stress going into the works". Hang on this is a process plant, they kill sheep, so stress not allowed, but death is?

So sheepdogs are allowed to stress the sheep on the farms, before they get to the plants, but not at the plants? Or is it that the dogs do not stress the animals on the farms, but they do at the plants. Well you can see where this sort of madness is heading, no sheepdogs on farms next?

Well that is what shepherds fear, that overseas pressure will lead to dogs “disappearing from farms as well”.

We still lock up hens in tiny cages, no doubt causing allsorts of stress, not to mention health problems, but will we ban battery hens? NO, but the rounding up of sheep by dogs? YES.

Look if your so worried about the Lamb, that you eat, being stressed, then why are you eating it? It may have been stressed during it’s life, but now it’s dead, it’s been cut up and it is there in front of you, you don’t want it stressed, but you want it DEAD, so you can eat it. If your so worried about the sheep, Why don’t you go to the farmer and buy the sheep and look after it?


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