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Permanent Linkby Starfire on Sat Apr 11, 2009 6:43 pm

It has been a good year since I decided to change my religious beliefs. Even though I am much happier and better off personally, there is still this guilt of moving on. I spend my whole life in a Christian world. In it I was always very unhappy. I finally sought therapy after the birth of my daughter. Finally got out of the hole of depression. Now I have some echos of my old life still haunting me. I go to church with my spouse and daughter. Now that I have new beliefs, the sermons have become very boring. The whole time I am wishing to go out the car and take a nap. It's also hard to explain these new ideas to old friends and people at Church.

Spending Easter with some friends I've know forever. She called to talk tonight. She asked us to come to her Church and asked if we were going to church anywhere. I told her we are sort of going somewhere, but I really want to go to a Metaphysical believing church. (I call them the Oprah church) She seemed rather concerned.

I also fear...

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Permanent Linkby Starfire on Sun Jan 25, 2009 7:32 pm

The past year has been downright magical. I have discovered things I never knew before and I am finally getting things I never dreamed possible. It has been on a journey. I changed my thinking. Stopped doing things I did not want to do. This began to open doors in my life. I simply decided what I wanted. I journaled about what I wanted and it was amazing what came to be. I made lists of my goals and they came to pass. It has taken some time. I sold a home I hated just over a year ago. It has taken me a year, but I did find a home meeting the needs of my family and the price is less than renting my two room apartment.

I am now soon to the point that I could soon leave my job and pursue something I would rather do. I am working out the plan with some help from the book "The Four Hour Work Week".

All I can say is the Secret works. I found the things I need as I need them. Book with information I need or poeple who can help me just showed up at the right time. It...

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