Sanctuary of Lost Souls

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Sanctuary of Lost Souls

Another step taken
Another bend round.
Another step taken
Another friend down.

Another metallic ring
What will the future bring?
His last breath gone
More blood in the courtyard.

In a sea of crimson I swim,
Her life taken on a whim.
She was beautiful and glorious
My lighthouse on the dark ocean.

One blade dodged
Another minute I stay.
His wound is deep
and his fall to hell is steep.

Her life was precious
They're useless.
Her skin was perfect
They're torn and scarred.

Through the door I burst
The hall silent as a grave.
A distant laugh
Memory, rage, pain rekindled.

Another step taken
Another step echoed.
Another step taken
Another foe spotted.

The arrow was close,
Another arose.
The string sung
and the shaft stung.

My momentum was strong
My reflexes more then a blink.
When blade met bone
The sent of blood was no longer sickining.

I was dedicated
She was mine.
She had my love
I will now have their blood.

The wound was deep
My blood began to creep.
My steps slowed
As the raven began to crow.

Our eyes met
His minion slept.
As I wept
He leapt.

Another metallic ring
Another song of death I sing.
What once was silver is now red
Eternally she sleeps in her bed.

The wall was hard
The dodge was swift.
His blade in shards
His lesson learned hard.

In my rage I did not see
Death staring back at me.
Perfect was his feign
My last moments lived in pain.

Perfect is her eyes
Deep is his othe rblade.
So very close is he
His death he will soon see.

Fast was my movement
Perfect was my plan.
He did not expect it
His hearth in Hell was lit.

In a crimson pool I lay
My life Gods modeling clay.
On my knees I now stand
The lights of Heaven so grand.

Her dress is the finest lace
She can see the smile on myt face.
On the house throne I sleep
My heart she will keep.

Another step taken
Another step down
Another step taken
The last friend down.

One last step taken
One last stair down.
In a bed of roses we lay
Forever in her arms I stay.

I am the poet of the body and I am the poet of the Soul. The pleasures of heaven are with me and the pains of hell are with me. The first I graft and increase upon myself, the latter I translate into a new tongue.

-Walt Whitman-