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Author:  Bmat [ Wed May 11, 2016 8:01 pm ]
Blog Subject:  A Few Words about My Cat Chewie

I had to have Chewie euthanized Monday, May 9, 2016. She was almost 14.

Chewie was rescued from some children who were throwing stones at her when she was only a week or so old. My son rescued her and kept her in a shoe box for a few weeks, she was that tiny. He came home from work every today to dropper feed her. He brought her to me when she had her neutering surgery, and she cuddled on my shoulder. I knew he wanted me to adopt her, and I did.

We named her Chewie because that's what she liked to do. She chewed my computer cords, destroying my speaker cords, and causing damage to the other cords, which we wrapped in tape.

Chewie was always the alpha cat without even trying. We had other cats at the same time, and they knew to keep their distance. Chewie was also alpha, in a way, of her humans. She would tolerate some gentle petting, but if it wasn't what she felt like tolerating at the time, she would swipe with her claws, and even reach out as the human moved away to enforce don't pester her.

Chewie had a delicate stomach and required the ID special catfood that we bought from the veterinarian. She could tolerate a few Greenies, cat treats.

As Chewie grew older, she became more friendly toward her humans and followed me around. At night she liked to cuddle for a while when I sat in my bedside chair to read. She liked her heated cat bed.

The last year or so she showed signs of arthritis in her hips and lay down with her back legs stretched out. She stopped being able to jump up.

Two weeks ago her throwing up became a worry, and we noticed a change in her behavior, hardly moving, not eating. The veterinarian gave her some antibiotics and said her white cell count was up. The antibiotics did nothing for her. Chewie became more listless, although she did take an interest in what was going on around her. We took her back to the veterinarian a few days later. She'd lost a pound in a few days and the white cell count was even higher. The veterinarian found fluid in her lungs and sent it for examination. Monday we had the diagnosis of cancer. Chewy was suffering, so we agreed to have her euthanized.

It is rough to lose a companion of almost 14 years, even a furry one.

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