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A Few Words about My Cat Chewie
   Wed May 11, 2016 8:01 pm

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The Nine Lives of Sammy the cat

Permanent Linkby Bmat on Sun Aug 15, 2010 3:49 pm

Sammy was found at a house that was being shown for sale. He was one of a box of kittens that had been abandoned there, and he was the only one who lived.

Sammy's owner left Sammy and another cat without food. When my son learned of this, he went and took both cats. There was no food in the house, and the cats were starving. He brought the cats to our house, where they immediately went to the food dishes and started eating. Sammy still guards the food dish, and he gets nervous when the dish is empty.

Shortly after we adopted Sammy, he fell and broke one of his hind legs. He had surgery to insert a rod. He did well during his recuperation, which involved putting him in a crate most of the time to keep him as inactive as possible.

During a routine tooth cleaning a year ago, Sammy's heart stopped under anesthesia. The vet said they spent a great deal of time trying to get him to come back, which he did finally, but blind. I was trying to figure out about dealing with a blind cat, but...

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Sammy the cat who has had a rough time of it lately

Permanent Linkby Bmat on Sun Aug 15, 2010 3:37 pm

This picture was taken two years ago.


On Thursday, July 29, 2010, our orange cat, Sammy lost the use of his right leg. We heard a thump in the kitchen, and we now assume he had jumped down from a favorite perch on a kitchen chair, and he tried to pull himself along the floor. I carried him into the living room, and once again the pulling thing with his good legs showed us that there was something seriously wrong. I called the vet and explained that it was an emergency, and could we bring him in at the 2 PM appointment that we had for our other cat, Chewie. They said no, but we could bring them both at 3:30. A few minutes later I called back and said we'll bring Sammy at 2 and then Chewie at 3:30, which we ended up doing even though it meant extra driving.

The vet ran several tests and concluded that Sammy's heart had "thrown a clot" that lodged in his shoulder and blocked...

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Letter from to my mother, Christmas, 2008

Permanent Linkby Bmat on Sat Dec 20, 2008 9:39 am

12/20/2008 10:09 AM

Dear Mom,

I was sitting here thinking of Christmas gifts and the best that I had ever given or been given.

I think the best that I was ever given was the hope chest that you gave me the Christmas after my engagement. I was totally amazed and pleased. I remember that I cried. It was a gift not only of a nice wooden storage chest, but it symbolized the future of my life and all that it might hold. Thinking of the gift still brings tears to my eyes.

The second best gift that I ever received was also from you. Remember the doll whose mouth moved when she said “Mama?” She was the prettiest doll I had ever seen and I wanted her so much. I think I must have been about 8 at the time. But I knew she was expensive and that it was unlikely that I’d get her. But there she was on Christmas morning! I still have her. In the hope chest as it turns out.

These are the material gifts that stand out in my mind. Both from you and Dad. But upon thinking of the gifts that were the “...

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Brief Comment about Chipper

Permanent Linkby Bmat on Mon Sep 29, 2008 11:55 am

I sighed sadly this afternoon when I realized that our Guard Cat, so to speak, is gone.

Chipper was such a scaredy cat that anytime someone came to the door or drove down our driveway, Chipper would take off and fly through the cat door leading to the basement. When I heard that clunk of the door, I knew there was someone near the house.

Last night Sammy, the orange cat, hopped up onto the computer desk. When I lifted him down, he paused and looked and looked around the room. He is used to being attacked by Chipper when Sammy is in the office. After looking around for a while, Sammy decided that Chipper must be waiting in ambush outside the office door to the hallway. So Sammy dashed across the hallway into the bathroom.

It appears that it will take Sammy a while to realize that he doesn't need to hide from Chipper anymore.


ETA: When I went to the basement today I had a moment of sadness. Chipper...

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In Memory of Chipper

Permanent Linkby Bmat on Sun Sep 28, 2008 2:50 pm

In Memory of Chipper

September 28, 2008


Chipper died yesterday, September 27. He was 10 years old. We had adopted him at eight weeks old from the Humane Society shortly after he got there. Chipper was a beautiful short-haired tuxedo cat. In fact, I was sitting in the waiting area of the Humane Society to get the paperwork taken care of, and another family walked out asking to take the tuxedo cat, but it turned out he was already spoken for, by me.

Chipper fit well into the household that had two other cats, Chessie and Emmie. Chipper was a sturdy cat with legs a bit short and body a bit stocky. He had a problem with throwing up, but cats do throw up, so we dealt with it. He was an inside-only cat as was Chessie. Emmie had been an in-and-out cat most of her life, but the last few years she would go out, sit on the porch for a while, then come back in.

Chipper liked to boss the other...

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