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A caution were upon his lips, as he pressed singularly forward, in the mud of the trenches. Dealing with his grotty back, he nurtured a rotten elbow, firing from the hip when he could, a volley of snarks, that crossed the barrier, but didn’t do anything but fly high.
The frost, were getting to him, like the hail falling, and the ground freezing. The real issue, were getting to the next food drop. The compass were off, and he glinted through slits of eyes, at the natural phenomenon in front of him. He felt jiggly, as he recognised the rosins scent of the fires. The fellows behind him, were edging forward, like cats, crawling along the ground, and mud, on their slinky bellies. “This is the real truth of it,” they muttered unanimously.
The camp, were done up with skins, and the fire were a bonfire, keeping the mosquitoes from biting. They recognised not, the soldiers at their sides, but they welcomed the pot of stew. The real truth of it, were hard. Already, they had gotten off a shot into ...

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Santa, rolled out on roller skates. Here I am, beefy sausage, he called. Mrs clause, rumbled in her mirth, and put the pie to bake in the oven. We are really wheeling dealing, aren’t we? This she asked, with a mighty glare. The purpose of this experiment, was to eradicate the notion of the sour movement, that raced all over her mind. Gee, aren’t we.
The activation of the free day, were bulbous in the name of science. The question asked, with real trepidation, with a forked tongue at least, was, were we done for? The answer, was a mystery. Levity… That were what Santa called it, after a while, whilst he roasted marshmallows over the fire. A real breaking apart of the notion of self, composed out of moving parts, were all the toys, the elves making them thick.
A surfboard sprung out of the fireplace, and the two were doused with a cold drought of icy water. The surfer dude was in. Shortly followed by other surfer dudes. The noise, was hoots and cat calls. The fancy, were that they were champ...

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