Going Postal? The greater Gift, would be NOT going POSTAL!

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Permanent Link by L.L. on Mon Feb 19, 2018 8:40 am

I have been - listening, to a lot of sad things lately. My youtube account, is filled with childhood dreams. I have closed my options, with most of the Visual Kei stuff out there - but I have reinvigorated myself with Kiriko Takemura. She got sadder as time went by, but she still packs a a wallop of a funny bone when she pouts. The function of singers these days, is to look over their shoulder case the ghouls get them. The industry, is really trying to cope with flooding of the public houses, and there is something magical about the chaos theory. I believe in her, but I have some bad news - I do not any longer see the need to listen to those first songs which drew my heart in.