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Plastic Shot Glasses.

Permanent Linkby Qray on Wed Nov 18, 2009 5:01 pm

In this time of lay-offs, home foreclosures, dismal political representation and leadership on both sides of the spectrum, I've got a serious complaint.

Plastic Shot Glasses.

I understand that in certain situations a plastic shot glass is desirable. A shot tray, for example. Or in an establishment that has indoor volleyball courts where you don't want glass glasses of any type around the courts. I have even come to accept that the tiny little shot glass contains the same amount of liquid goodness as it's glass counterpart. However, when I'm getting my drink on, I don't want to deal with a tiny, flimsy, and lets face it...cheesy looking drinking conveyance. Put my Stoli in a solid, weighty glass shot glass. Leave the cheap plastic glasses for drink trays, volleyball courts, and lets face it...those once in a lifetime bar goers who want to live dangerously and "have a shot."

No scratch that. Those are the people that need a glass shot glass the most. This is an event for them. This is something different. They're living on the edge for a moment and having a shot. It may all end up badly for them a few hours later when they're face down in the parking lot showing the asphalt what they had for dinner, but at the moment they deserve to be presented with a heavy, properly bottom weighted, beautifully tulip shaped glass shot glass. "Here my friend. Welcome to the club. Prost."

And that's the thing. The crafters of my vodka have taken great pains and create it. Its the culmination of centuries of tradition and craftsmanship. Does it deserve to be served in a cheap plastic cup? No. It should be presented in a crystal clear cradle of tapered beauty. Would you put Geo Metro wheels on a Austin Martin? Then why are you trying to serve me my vodka in a plastic shot glass?

C'mon, people! It's the little things that chip away and corrode our society until one day you wake up and it no longer bares any resemblance to what you remember and you suddenly think "What happened?"

A line needs to be drawn. Grab your stick and draw that line in the sand with me.

Demand Glass Shot Glasses!


I'm going to die the way I've lived...poor, screaming, and naked.
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RE: Plastic Shot Glasses.

Permanent Linkby who me on Sun Feb 21, 2010 12:30 pm

you could just bring your own.
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who me
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