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parallel PATD

Permanent Linkby who me on Wed Dec 09, 2009 12:32 pm

some place in the future of PATD

PIm made her way down the long quiet hall way, to the right and left the book cases covred in dust disapeard into the darkness.
some of the books were chaned to rails running along the book cases. It smelled of dry paper and leather.
Pim looked back at the foot prints she left behind her on the floor.

eventualy coming to a great central dome where some light came in threw the dirty glass above. there stood a old mechanical looking robot.
as pim came closer the robot's screen came on and a small cloud of dust rose where the cooling vent sprang on.
" you look like the bar tender in the fith element." whispred pim.
" yes..." the robot said slowly and quietly " possibly... a similar moddle. we were quite common. How may I help you?"
" where am I?"
"this is the central libray, hard copy back up"
" wow all this is the libray?"
"no...this building also houses the cental archives of the museum."

pim followed the robot down the hall.
"no one... comes hear any more. no one has been hear for... ages. I guess they look up all the books on the internet."
"I am afraid that there is no one alive on the planet any more." pim said quietly
the robbot nodded sadly.

(archives of the museum)
sheleves apon shelves of items gathred from all chorners of the universe. Pim looked right and left. most of the things were unexplanable to PIm, "they look like obsine sex toys." pim siad quielty so as not to dieturb the silence. "what are they?"
"Obsine sex toys" the Librarian ansred with out stoping.
figures thought pim. This is PATD.
turning down a corridor they entred another section "Oh - look a esbit stove what a funny thing to have in a museum."
"the curators feelt that all things were worth preserving."
they continued down the hall past piles of dust that had once been towels, there were hair brushes and toobe's of tooth paste, long dryed up in there crumbeling platsic toobes. turing to the right they came to a new section.
"oh look!" pim rushed forward and looked threw the dirty glass, "A set of PLCE webbing." she squated down and rubed the glass a bit.
The librayian stoped behind her. " yes...there are only three sets in the entire universe."
Pim looked up at the librayian." there are lots of them on my planet."
the librayinan stood patently "perhaps... the curators would be intrested in speaking to you...they would be intrested knowing more about the PLCE webbing and possobly aquireing some more of them."
pim stood up, and they continued down the hall.
hanging on the wall were keys of every kind and size.
after several more endless corridors filled with soap and socks the finnaly came to the hall they were looking for.
"Hear we are, the hall of shoes." pim looked at the miles and miles of shoes. there were dimly iluminated sines.

and there in the dispaly case were the silver shoes.
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