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Story in progress

Permanent Linkby MasterMoeOfThaKilt on Fri Sep 18, 2009 12:02 am

The answering machine picked up after the first ring, "Hey, youve reached me, leave a message. Dumbass." The beep felt col to his ear. After calling all week she was still ignoring him. "Prana, its me again. Marcus. I know you are checking these. You cant ignore me for the rest of your life." -Oh I cant, can I?- She was sitting right next to the answering machine. "We need to talk about what happened. You dont understand what you saw. You never even let me explain myself. Well, I love you... forever." His voice had been growing more desperate the past few times he had called. She leaned over to the machine and hit the erase button.
"Last time I checked I didnt need a penis to run my life." Prana looked across the living room to her best friend who was lounging on the couch with two male Russian Blues on his stomach.
"Aye, you dont, yet you dont want me to leace and your two cats are both male, and have penises."

[ Continued ]
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Big Girls

Permanent Linkby MasterMoeOfThaKilt on Wed Jun 24, 2009 12:13 am

I am currently answering a question that is hard to answer.... He worded it nicely, and I am glad.... He simply asked if I was a rather large girl.. Which could mean different things... I am in every sense of the words "big boned". I am a tall girl, muscly, and as those many websites say"more too love" but that usually means bigger... I do not have rolls.. my fat suits me. Lol

So.. I am intimidating apparently.. Yay..... -_-

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Letter to unnamed person. (Fiction/Non-fiction)

Permanent Linkby MasterMoeOfThaKilt on Mon Sep 22, 2008 11:19 pm

As two of the house hold felines watch from my lap, I write to you.

The calming purr of the two odd tabbies power me on. Loki with his soft squinted eyes and Lilith with her slightly lazy eyes, stare at the moving curser, as if watching a fly...

I long to be in your arms, to know the comfort and warmth of someone who will truly love me. People ask me why I am single, and I simply tell them that I am not one for relationships. We all know that isnt true. My personal being revolves around having someone close to my heart, to keep me warm, to protect me... but that is all hard to do when that one person I feel I will be safe with is in a far away country.

Please understand, because most people dont, that I do not belong in these great states. I have had many a people tell me (Who have traveled to those united kingdoms) that I act more like someone from those lands, than I do like people from these.

To me, those great, ancient lands is where I belong. To be closer to the earth and even...

[ Continued ]

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