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Theo's Treatise on the Spirit

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Theo's Treatise on the Spirit

Postby Tath » Thu Aug 31, 2006 9:24 pm

Well, this is something I developed based off a dream I had <grins> That was a fun dream!
Comments and Critique are welcome!


Theo’s treatise on the spirit

The spirit: The essence that keeps a person’s life going.

The spirit is an invisible* gas that inhibits certain organisms and will start or keep a life going. If a body is deprived of a soul, the organism’s life, in its former body, will end. The soul is the temporary keeper of all memories and knowledge, until it is settled down into a body with a brain.

*Spirits are not always invisible. Some Sel Maka can perform a small act to make it visible, if conditions allow.

A spirit can not be destroyed, only tainted, and manipulated. If a spirit is inhibiting a body while it dies, the spirit is forced to leave the body, and go to some place far away. It usually flies into the sky, believed to go to the end of the Universe, which revolves around our planet.

Sel Maka:
Sel Maka are persons born with the power to sense, and control souls. At often times, they practice their powers by taking their own souls out of their body to see what they can do with it. They can also manipulate other’s souls, and often do so when somebody is about to die. A strong body can prevent manipulation of its spirit, and so the cruelest of Sel Maka practice their powers on people whose bodies they weakened, or destroyed.

The price for controlling one spirit is numbing a limb until it gets 1 hour of sun. This is usually concentrated onto an arm, to make the loss insignificant. Cloudy days, however, won’t heal a numbed arm, as the sun isn’t out on a cloudy day.

To make a spirit visible, a Sel Maka can force the spirit to allow any sort of liquid, or solid, to attach itself to the spirit. Thus, it is possible to see where the spirit is, but not what it actually looks like. A Sel Maka can force a spirit into an object, collection of objects, body, or even living creature.

Distribution of Spirits:
Spirits are created every time a new animal is born. Humans and animals can sustain spirits, but plants can’t, as it is believed that if they did, they would actually get up and do something.

Use in language and literature:
If you are to say souls and spirits are the same thing, then the phrase “Have you no soul?” is inaccurate, as a spirit not only holds good and useful things, but bad and prohibiting things. Thus, many people inaccurately use this phrase.


Note: I could add anything at any time...still debating on some certain facts about the Sel Maka, I'm gonna make a treatise on them too...
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