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The Sophophages

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The Sophophages

Postby Floridian Dream » Thu Mar 30, 2017 6:24 pm

I have this one element I've had planned for sometime for a cycle of Lovecraftian-esque cosmic horror stories that is intended to stand as a horrific explanation to the Fermi Paradox, even though I like to be more optimistic about said paradox.

It was something inspired by a creepypasta story I came across on YouTube; the ending, foreboding as it is, is—without need for saying—open to interpretation, but I'd like to interpret something I consider to be truly cosmically horrific, specifically in the form of hostile, godlike entities hailing from a greater macrocosm than what is familiar to us, be it a space of extra dimensions or a higher plane of existence — that's where the Sophophages come in.

Now, Sophophage (translating as "wisdom-eaters") is right now just a placeholder name for their species, they most likely have their own name for their kind, but to focus on the main point, they're beings that reside either on a higher dimension or a higher existential plane (this is currently undecided). As their name suggests, they are a predatory species that most particularly target other intelligent species.

Assuming they are from a higher existential plane, they feed on the intellectual energy—or the energy associated with neural activity in higher cognitive functioning—emanated by sapient beings native to the physical universe (either that, or some subtle body associated with sapient minds), and whenever the physical universe is teeming with intelligent life, the Sophophages come to feast upon the intelligence of the indigenous sapients, often—as I like to envision—with negative, if not fatal, results to said indigenous sapients.

I have, however, come across some logistical compromises to this plot, because I have wondered if it makes more that they just passively absorb the intellectual energy of sapients in a fashion more similar to how plants of Earth absorb light from the sun via photosynthesis — this I imagine, however, would make the Sophophages a lot more benign and a lot less threatening to the mortal sapients. Although perhaps this absorption of intellectual energy somehow compromises the mortals' higher cognitive functioning. I'm definitely open to some suggestions around any of these ideas.

Otherwise, I might imagine the Sophophages as native to either a higher-dimensional space or simply another three-dimensional universe (possibly the intentional creators of ours) who find the central nervous system (or equivalent to it, anyways) of intelligent species more savory than that of simpler organisms. Again, I'm open to ideas and suggestions.
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Re: The Sophophages

Postby Bmat » Thu Mar 30, 2017 8:09 pm

I think I'd prefer the Sophophages to be actively involved in collecting the intellectual energy. Just to make them easier to attack. For passive collectors, it might bring up conflict of is it right to destroy them even though they are harming us- which now that I think of it, is what we do with certain yeasts, poison ivy...
I am reminded of a novel I read many years ago about a planet (?) that happened to be in eclipse to the Earth and everyone became more intelligent, including apes, all mammals. Then when the obstruction passed everyone returned to normal. I can't remember the name of it though.
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