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Ideas on the Masqueraders

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Ideas on the Masqueraders

Postby Floridian Dream » Sun Apr 02, 2017 2:44 pm

I've had an idea for some of my stories that was sort of inspired by the tv series Grimm; this idea involves non-human beings of various species living among humans in disguise. Some are undercover agents from civilizations underground or in places human seldom explore (i.e. deserts, polar tundras, the deep ocean floor) preforming espionage on human society to monitor its progress in technological advancement (especially when it comes to scanning the Earth's surface or detecting underground activity, as to devise a means to counteract human surveillance), others are from technologically primitive tribes whose territories have been overlapped (if invaded is not the appropriate term) by the ever expanding human population in earlier pasts, and—acknowledging humanity's overwhelming numbers—sought survival and avoidance of conflict with humans by disguising themselves as such.

I've imagined that with their being a sizable number of masquerading species, there are a number of methods to disguising themselves as humans.

  • Some (mostly invertebrate) species have much control over their cells and intracellular functions and can thus rearrange their cells and genetic coding (mainly by ingesting the genetic info of other species and incorporating it into their own genome) so that their cells and bodies are more humanlike in structure — some vertebrate races may also be capable of this feat if they have somehow managed to retain the plasticity of their embryonic stage
  • Some possess highly potent psychokinetic abilities that allow them to manipulate matter at the (potentially sub-)atomic level, allowing them to rearrange the matter in their body into a more humanlike form.
  • Some hold a symbiotic relationship with microbes that are able to introduce them with the genetic coding of other species via horizontal gene transfer.
  • Some can telepathically induce a human image onto actual humans.
  • Those hailing from the technologically advanced societies or simply developing the technology secretly use holographic disguises.
  • Others already fit a roughly anthropoid outline and simply don latex human suits, or are so small that they can fit numerous individuals into said suit.

So far, it all seems to work fine. My one issue, however, mainly involves one masquerader species that, although crocodilian in reality, passes itself off as a unique ethnic group of native Africans with even its own unique language (or dialect, at least); they have a certain cuisine called Pamthdarnra, which translates as "Black poultry."
To get to the main point, I've imagined that their human disguise is telepathically induced, but then it got me wondering: would they necessarily have a spoken language of their own if they're already telepathic?

I mean, sure, they could telepathically give to humans the illusion that they're speaking, and then communicate amongst their own kind by simply transmitting their thoughts to one another, but I thought that might defeat the purpose of the unique ethnic group they pretend to be having their own unique language, and perhaps even being a unique ethnic group altogether. Additionally, I have questioned as to whether or not a crocodilian race would even need to evolve telepathy to begin with, considering that most crocodiles already seem capable of an auditory—if not vocal, which it already seems to be, with the growls and hisses and such—form of communication, unless telepathy serves as a compliment to vocal communication by conveying the fuller message that vocalization struggles to; I mean, after all, there's only so much even we human can express with just words alone.

Alternatively, though, I have imagined—alongside the other possible disguise methods (short of holographic ones, since I imagine these crocodilians to have a somewhat more immediate background as primitive hunter-gatherer tribes)—is that in lieu of being telepathic themselves, the crocodilian beings hold a symbiotic relationship with another intelligent species that is.
Whether this other species is a sort of bird, amphibian, snake, or other form of small reptile, I've definitely envisioned it to be significantly smaller than the crocodilians, enough so that the latter may carry the former perched on their shoulder wherever they go, and in exchange for providing the latter with a telepathic disguise, the former receives protection from potential predators, free transportation, and is even allowed to live within the crocodilians' own domicile.

If anyone has any alternative ideas to any of those I've addressed here, or additional ideas to be added, I'm eager to here them.
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Re: Ideas on the Masqueraders

Postby Talon Sinnah » Mon May 15, 2017 8:17 pm

I will give this one more thought and get back to you on it.

The best advice I can give right now is whatch the series ancient aliens and other shows around its genre. They touch a lot on things of this subject. Also some Native American legends fit into the genre as well.
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