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Song world - Earth Song Part 2

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Song world - Earth Song Part 2

Postby Tony » Mon Jul 09, 2012 10:18 am

Earth Song - part 2

Interlude: Death of a fly?

A fly detached itself from the general milling mass and drifted towards the centre of the clearing. It hovered there for a moment or two, a foot above the grass and then began to dissolve into a fine glistening mist. It swirled around briefly and then streamed down into the grass as if it was being inhaled.

Chapter 4 Intervention

Davy cycled carefully back home, following the infrequently used paths that wound through the trees and up and down the hillocks. His dad called them quarry rubbish, “really, that's all they are”. But, old and covered in hazel, sloe, hawthorn, they were hill forts to Davy when he was younger and often still were. Today they made for efficient cover for Davy and his new companion.

“What was it Josh always said?” thought Davy. “Never pick up a young bird. It will not be deserted. Its parents are nearby. Watch don't touch!” That was his maxim and he tried so hard to stick by it. What would he say to his dad?

As he cycled, various arguments and scenarios ran through his head. His current arguments ranged from the simple “but”; “I tried”; “it came to me” to the more doubtful "it would not be right to leave it there". All ended with a firm look from his dad “put it back where you found it.” Davy thought his dad's philosophy of zero intervention when it came to birds was cruel but at the same time he was usually proved right. It did not help that one of his most favourite photos of his dad was of him as a young boy, about Davy's age, holding a fox cub that he had saved from dogs.

What was his dad's excuse? Oh yeah. If we mess things up then we should do what is necessary to sort it all out.

"How did that help?" thought Davy. He had not messed up. Well not as far as he could tell. The bird did come to him. OK, it mobbed him but he did not know why. He searched the tree through his binoculars and could find no nests large enough. What would his dad say to that?

“Did you look for hollow trees?”

Well did he? Ish, he thought, sort of..ish.

He could picture his dad standing there, demanding a proper set of facts and argument. What did he have? Just the truth.

“The bird said my name.” Oh no, no, no. Don't go there. Even “its the truth!” would have a hard time. Even though it was.

“He told me his name was Li.” Don't even think it let alone say it.

“I just put my arm out. It hopped on.” That could work.

“It must be tame.”

“It must be lost or escaped from somewhere.”

This is getting better.

“He followed me home.”

No, not that one. Not even Davy would believe a bird following a cyclist home.

OK, then what is actually happening right now? Is the bird following me? No. Not quite.

So where is it? Sitting on my shoulder and going “Weeeee” every time I go fast down a hill. “It's the truth!!”

“I must be mad” said Davy to himself. He pulled on the brakes and came to a stop by an old fallen trunk. He propped up his bike, took off his backpack and sat down to think this all the way through.

The bird leaned round and looked him in the eye. “Davy?” it asked.

It did! It actually asked a question. Stark staring bonkers I am! Gordon Bennett! As Mikey would say.

“Quiet will yer! I've got to think” said Davy. The bird jumped down and started to walk round the backpack, eyeing it this way and that way.

“Are you hungry” asked Davy, miming putting food into his own mouth.

The bird watched him closely, expectantly he thought. Davy leaned forward and felt around in one of the pockets on the outside of his backpack, found the remains of a chocolate bar which he took out. He sat back on the trunk and, unwrapping the foil, snapped off a square. The bird fluttered up onto the trunk next to him.

“Do you like chocolate?” he asked, offering it to the bird. Li looked at it and appeared to be sniffing the chocolate.

A look like disgust crossed its face and it hopped off along the dead tree and started poking around under the loose bark. Davy shrugged and ate the chocolate himself and continued to ponder his problem. Every now and again he could hear Li, methodically worked his way along the tree, chuckling when he found something tasty.

“Well at least he can feed himself” thought Davy. “So where am I now. Li wants to be with me? At least I think he does. What do I want? No trouble at home that's for sure. Keep it quiet, secret? How. My den. Right. Get home quick. Put my bird stuff in the den and make it comfortable for Li. Do my homework. Score some brownie points for when I get found out. Yeah I know I will.”

“Right” he said out loud. “I'm going home.” He stood up and shouldered the backpack. “Now to see if he wants to be with me” he thought.

“Li, you coming?” There was no answer. Davy waited a few seconds, then he sadly mounted the bike and started to cycle off, thinking
“I should have known. Dad would be pleased if he knew.”

He kept to the old path, pedalling slowly and looking back every so often. “It's for the best.” Just when he had given up all hope, a swish of wings made him look up. There he was flying a few feet overhead.

“Davy” screeched the bird, “Davy, Li, Li.”

Davy came to an abrupt halt and Li circled back, landed on the handlebar, gave Davy, what could only be, a dirty look and then clambered up his right arm. Li made himself comfortable on his shoulder and said “Home!”
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Re: Song world - Earth Song Part 2

Postby Bmat » Mon Jul 09, 2012 11:15 am

Very readable and enjoyable.
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Re: Song world - Earth Song Part 2

Postby Tony » Tue Jul 10, 2012 11:56 am

Bmat, thanks for reading this part.

I am sort of aiming at a general audience, no particular age.
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Re: Song world - Earth Song Part 2

Postby Ariel » Sat Jul 14, 2012 6:24 pm

That was wonderful!!! I would love to hear more!! :D
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