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Chaos Universe Chapter 2

PostPosted: Wed Jan 11, 2017 8:58 pm
by Talon Sinnah
Word count: around 5400
Will take roughly 25 min to read

You would think the oppressive silence and endless shadow of space would be the very essence of fear. I found it comforting next to the chaotic story unfolding before my eyes. The soundless explosions and silent weapons firing at one another only added to the surreal painting on the infinite black canvas. Even in the suit I wore I felt weightless in the zero gravity. My sleep effects had wore off but the stiffness in my joints sighed in relief as the stress was eased.

My on board computer automatically set a course to my intended target, I could feel the suit adjust its course accordingly. Flashes of orange illuminated the clouds in the planet's atmosphere. Fighters flew by ignoring me as debris from the Atlas covered my route. I couldn't tell who the Krovesh was waging war with but it seemed us humans were using the battle as cover for our own agenda. An explosion to my right was bright enough to temporarily blind me, the sensors compensated for my lack of sight. A sharp pain in both temples was followed by the route being mapped out with a red line that seemed to appear on the lenses in my eyes. Next came the voice.

"Initiating bio scan." If I could have jumped back I would have. The prick in my right index finger and slight shock over my heart made my pulse race in surprise. "Initiating wave sync." Another sharp prick in the temples was in sync with a buzzing sound. "Compensating for stasis sleep and time lapse. Welcome Fate." The welcome was said in a clear human voice. I couldn't tell if it was on the HUD or on my eye lens but a man's transparent face showed in my vision. The man had auburn almost red hair that seemed to reach past his shoulders. He wore wide rimmed black glasses that hid green eyes. A red beard that was neatly kept hid what little weight the man had. I couldn't tell because of the transparency of the image but the man had the fair and slightly pale complexion of a scientist.

"Good to see you awake Fate."

"What's going on?" Last time I checked computers did not greet you like a friend would.

"Ah yes stasis fog. Unfortunately a side effect of the sleep. Forgive me. My name is Dr. Benjamin Wright well at least in theory."

"How can you be someone in theory?" Do I just attract this type of confusion.

"After the maiden mission of Angel One the Nirvana space station was attacked and destroyed. During the labs evacuation I was able to download my consciousness to the Angel One before the lab was destroyed."

"You're dead!?" I got to be honest I was not expecting that answer.

"In a way yes."

"I should have stayed asleep." If my life was this interesting now I wander what it was like before the stasis cell.

"You would be dead now." I really hate smart ass computers. "Now a crash course on the Angel One."

Not this again. "I've already been through this."

"Ah yes the text book answer I wrote. The Angel One Re-entry suit was specifically designed for your bio signature and will only work at optimum performance for the one and only Fate. There will be no delay when you will the suit to move. The computer AKA myself will seem to act on our own and will soon be able to predict your movements for you. This will come in extremely useful when the sensors pick up something you are unlikely to catch yourself. The life support has also been set to match your vital signs and will give you the optimum amount of oxygen for your body to function. In the event you are unable to pilot the Angel due to unconsciousness or some other unforeseen event your body will be put to sleep via suppressants and will be kept alive until such time as we are able to port planet side or in a human controlled station. The Angel is also equipped for medical attention due to minor health issues and is also able to administer CPR and jump start other vital bodily functions. Upon event of loss of power during orbit, space travel, or re-entry the Angel will lock down vents switch to internal life support until it is drifts to the nearest star or planet core for recharging. During this time the Angel One will scan your vitals and weigh whether or not to put you into sleep mode. Although I say you are tired of sleep by now."

"Anything else I should know?" Seems like even the computers have an opinion now I thought.
"Yes entering outer atmosphere in thirty seconds."

"Thanks for the heads up." My focus turned to the planet now. Along with the red trajectory line in my vision a rough map of the land and small statistics that may affect my flight projected onto my eye lens. I could see a atmospheric battleship through holes in the clouds. The make was foreign to me but the damage was not. Through the few windows the clouds made I could see the hull was severely damaged and fires was burning what the lasers and plasma weapons had not melted.

Fighter craft darted about like insects wreaking havoc on the bigger crafts. A slight pull on the Angel One signaled that the planet now had me at her mercy. With a deep breath I closed my eyes and calmed my beating heart. With a exhale I set my resolve, there was no turning back. "Let's do this." The palm and foot thrusters ignited with my thoughts. The Angel One welcomed the change of velocity eagerly and fired to life. The outer atmosphere rushed towards me making me feel even smaller as the planet grew in size.

I broke the atmosphere and was greeted by clouds mixed with black smoke that the battleship was leaving as it was plummeting to the surface. I could see more ships fending off the Krovesh it did not appear they were fairing as well as they hoped. Small wings like the fletching on a arrow raised on my shoulders forearms and calves. A balance bar showed up on my heads up display in green showing my different pitch and my degree of entry.

I nearly clipped a small fighter craft on my way down. A Krovesh fighter flew shortly after in pursuit. My breath was stuck in my chest as I watched my radar to make sure he did not turn towards me. Bursting through a cloud I pulled a hard left as a large piece of the battleships hull flew past me after it had exploded. A smaller ship with heavy armor was next to come through the explosion, judging by the lack of weaponry it was most likely an evacuation transport for the locals. Banking right I dodged the transport and entered the smoldering wreckage through the hole in the middle. My scanners told me it was most likely a grounded rail gun with plasma capabilities. The large projectile racing toward me told me my scanners were correct. The barrel roll left only let me catch the heat off the charge, the transport's explosion caught me from behind propelling me forward making me lose control.

The Angel One fought to gain control as my brain tried to make sense of the spinning sky I was careening through as the sky and ground appeared one. Closing my eyes I relied on my instincts to move my arms and legs to gain as much control as I could. Leveled out and still plummeting I could feel gravity pull harder on the suit as I entered another cloud. The display finally righted itself as it plotted the course once again showing the red track line towards the target. Coming out of the clouds I was greeted with black smoke from a burning ruin of a metropolis decorated by a large Krovesh Terra-miner. The HUD magnified to the surface showing me my entry point. The Angel One automatically measured the opening, five hundred yards was my opening and the depth immeasurable. The Krovesh was defending the rim of the abyss trying to keep the locals from bringing the buildings down around the rim to block the miner. Upon further investigation I saw a large conduit stretching down into the abyss every now and again blue and orange energy could be seen coursing through it. Seeing it still working I willed the Angel One to go faster.

I banked left dodging the miner's bridge and chose to stay close to the conduit to better camouflage myself. A warning flashes across the HUD warning me of the suits energy levels reaching max. An explosion behind me took made me bend my neck to see. Between blue energy ignited feet I could see the miner's bridge start raining down on me. Gritting my teeth I face forward just in time to dodge a giant wire burst through the conduit wall forcing me to slightly alter my course. "Give me a integrity report on the structure."

Ben's voice answers. "The bridge is destroyed and the shockwave caused a chain reaction down the mining conduit possible into the mine as well. The miner is collapsing in on itself and a explosion is almost certainly immanent. Caution is very recommended."

"No kidding." The computer must be psychic I thought as a three dimensional see through blue print of the miner showed up and demonstrated the explosion happening outside. Trying not to sacrifice anymore power then needed I forced the Angel One to force more power through the pulsar engines on the boots. I started a spiral around the conduit as it began to unravel more it had a unforeseen effect as the explosion and flames erupted from the opposite side of where I was just at. Now fully engulfed in flames I relied on the sensors to fly me through.

The Angel One went left crashing through a solid glass platform and out the other side in a tempest of flame and smoke. Adjusting my course slightly put me out of the trajectory of a massive beam from the bridge that was hurling toward the surface. More debris followed most the size of a small fighter craft. Picking a bigger mass to follow down I hoped it would double as a camouflage as well as a battering ram. The idea was short lived as a Krovesh energy weapon blasted it in the hopes of destroying it before it possibly destroyed the shaft. Fighting the shockwave I kept my path true through the middle of the debris.

Out the other side I found I was closer to the surface then originally thought. The once thriving metropolis has been reduced to a smoldering violent war ridden ruin with skeletons of buildings clinging to what's left of their once proud structures. Skyscrapers decorating the rim of the shaft swayed with the winds of battle fighting each shockwave from the explosions. The material they were made of seemed to be very resistant to the laser and pulsar blasts from the enemy weapons and even to the occasional collision of small fighter crafts. A loud explosion was followed by a wave of dust and debris. With my speed I could see the shockwave hurtling toward me that originated from the base of two towers on the East and West side of the shaft. The Angel's alarms was deafening as it warned me of the possible danger I was on a collision course with.

"Computer compensate for the shockwave and adjust thrust to stay on course." I could feel the suit listen to my commands and lurch violently as I entered the explosion's shockwave. The after shocks shook the Angel so much I could feel them even with the extra padding on my body. When the shockwave ceased my sensors took a second to readjust and showed what once was proud structures were now toppling pillars in a attempt to plug the mining shaft. The tallest began to fall as I passed the peak. The Angel obeyed as I willed it faster making sure I saved enough energy for my return trip. Banking left I dodged a large beam exploding out the side of another only to crash through what I assumed was a glass pane window. Adjusting my course my chest plate created sparks as it skid across a falling metal wall finishing the rotation I dodge another wall section. Seeing the debris worsening the Angel diverted more power to the shields specifically around the helmet just as it crossed my mind and just as a brick ricocheted harmlessly off of it.

A large boom signaled I had broke the sound barrier. My sensors adjusted my sight accordingly showing that another building was collapsing this one taking part of the mining conduit with it. Rolling left I dodge the large conduit wire finishing the rotation put me out of reach of a wall. Finding a straight course again I made my way through a portion of the wall shaped like a tunnel. Out the other side I see the shafts opening through a plume of dust and debris. As my goal grew closer one of the buildings lower halves had fallen across the opening next to a part of the miner leaving a gap between the two.

Holding my breath and gritting my teeth I held my route knowing that one wrong move or the structures shifting could mean the very abrupt end to my mission. My heart skipped a beat as I entered the gap and both structures shifted inwards making the tight opening even worse. I could hear brick and metal try to merge as I exited out the other side into the mining shaft. I heard a slight clicking sound start as my sensors switched to a silver and black image, the echo location even let me see in the shadows as light would have been very scarce.

"Fate this is Anderson." The transmission started with static and the sounds of battle in the background. "We have been discovered by the Krovesh and will not last much longer. Fire the rail gun now no matter the cost the fate of our race may very well depend on it. Godspeed soldier." The transmission ended as an explosion could be heard in the back ground as I pushed the trigger to the rail gun.

"Enemy fighters incoming, they have you locked on." My HUD showed red arrows pointing behind me as two Krovesh fighters shot their way through the building rubble. A stray laser impacted the shaft wall a few meters in front of me to my right. My sensors struggled to make sense of the sudden dust and rock cloud as I maneuvered to the left in the hope of taking some of the stress off my echo optical sensor. A lose rock impacted my right shoulder knocking sending me even further off course. Gritting my teeth I fought the g-force to keep myself from crashing into the shaft wall. My sensors came on line just soon enough for me to dodge a rock protrusion, just as the thought passed my mind I shot a pulsar blast from my right palm making the rock explode, a very satisfying crash followed by an explosion told me at least one fighter had fallen to my plan.

My elation was short lived as its companion fired at me. The shot missed and traveled down the shaft disappearing into the ever growing darkness. The next was closer glancing off my left shoulder into the wall. Weighing my options and monitoring my energy out put I gambled on what may very well be my only way out the other side and willed more energy into my propulsion system. The Angel instantly sped up pushing me hastily toward the planet core.

The shaft was rushing by in a blur and soon was almost nonexistent as my echo location tried its damnedest to keep up. Another Krovesh blast let me know real soon that the fighter was still on my six. As my mind raced to find a solution a loud boom signaled my breaking of the sound barrier and the added effect of the shockwave sending the fighter off course into the rock wall let me breathe a sigh of relief.

A blinking gauge on my HUD let me know the outside temperature was rising much rapidly then I felt comfortable with. Another made sure to notify me that the planets interior gases was not hospitable to my respiratory system to say the least and that removing my re-entry suit would be a very fatal mistake. Cursing my computer for stating the obvious my locater detected a small light at the bottom of the shaft just barely the size of a pen head. With my target in sight and my resolve set I willed just a bit more energy into my thrusters as my stabilizers extended more to boost my control.

The shaft rushed by in a indistinct blur as the light was coming up to meet me. My sensors fought to compensate for my increasing speed as the cores gravity began getting a better hold on me pulling me tighter. Readying the trigger to release the nukes I prepared myself for what was behind the burnt orange glowing portal that was constantly growing. The heat of the core and kinetic energy from my descent started making my energy gauge increase. The Angel One not knowing what to do with the energy began storing it in the shields and life support systems as well as the pulsar thruster engines.

I broke through the end of the shaft into the planets core. A colossal swirling molten mass of, what I presume to be, different natural resources churned in the cavern. Different towers of rock seemed to hold it in place like massive hands. At random spots I could see other miners from different shafts come through the mantle of the planet to harvest off the core. At the end of each miner was a large structure built as a power plant I guessed. A larger structure in the distance seemed to pulse with energy as large conduits from each miner seemed to run too it. A large done seemed to be almost breathing as it rose up and down with each pulse. Without a second thought I reached down toward my waist and turned the release mechanism for the four nukes that I hoped made the trip safely. The first dropped out of its compartment and seemed to rush towards the shaft exit as my speed was greater.

"Chart my exit course. That rail gun should be about here." The HUD was alive with activity as the computer showed all possible escape routes then one by one started deleting them. The next nuke dropped just as my course began to go more parallel with the molten core.

"Most likely route to escape plotted."

"Thank you now distribute all extra power to thrusters and wait for the explosion to release." The HUD showed the excess power being rerouted to the propulsion system then began counting down. I veered left dodging a plume of magma as it spiked up toward me. As my last nuke began to drop I grasped it with my hand sacrificing some speed as I adjusted my course to the structure. The other nukes seemed to stop in mid air as a light blue aura engulfed them and began to rotate slightly.

Dodging another plume my course marked to go over the large structure. The building seemed to have biological membranes and veins running through with its mechanical areas. The closer I got the more I could see it pulse and breath reminding me of something out of a nightmare. Resolving myself against a rising repulsion and need to run I imagined myself a insect facing off a giant in a eternal struggle.

As my impact counter sped closer to zero I prepared myself to drop the last nuke as the structure came closer. Just as the thought 'This is to easy' exited my mind two large cannons that resembled the main structure burst from the orange glowing magma. A high pitched whirling sound nearly deafened me through my audio sensors and the shockwave as it fired what looked to be a ball of plasma and energy shook my optical sensors. Through memory I adjusted my pitch low to dodge under the first attempt to knock me out of my course. After the first failed attempt the cannon on the left fired again this time my sensors adjusting to ready themselves. Veering right I was easily out of the trajectory.

The right side cannon adjusted accordingly as it fired two smaller burst in an attempt to hit me as I dodged to the left again. Turning my body horizontal my chest piece was only inches from the projectile. As the opposite cannon fired I finished the barrel roll making the next too plasma shots go wide. There was a delay in the shots as the cannon barrels seemed to have ripped in two as a thin yellow membrane formed to cause the barrels to get wider. A almost electrified hissing sound signaled the cannons firing a large rectangular blast from the barrels. My luck held out as my suit went in between the two shots. Blue plasma energy began gathering around the barrels as I got closer seeming to be readying for my path. A loud thum knocked the cannons back with the recoil as the shots that came out was both twice the size and length of all the others that had come before. Out of reflex or stupidity one I dropped my route down towards the magma floor close enough I could feel the heat even through my alloy re-entry suit. Figuring it would be safer further away from the molten inferno I adjusted my pitch up going between the cannons which had the added effect of seeming to confuse them.

During my ascent I made my way towards the structure. On my way up I said a little prayer to whomever may be listening and dropped the now armed nuke towards what appeared to be a fleshy mechanical walkway and hoped for the best. Behind me the cannons changed their tactics and began firing short burst of plasma rounds forcing me to adopt more of a serpentine route. "Now that that is done get my ass out of here."

The suit began once again showing different routes but again settling for its original course. My thrusters fired at full capacity as I willed it and the shields focused on the front as my speed increased. My heart skipped a beat as the counter hit zero and the rail gun hit its mark on the first nuke. The explosion was deafening and the bright light mixed with the already glowing core blinded me and seemed to have confused my sensors for a brief moment. A small map represented the scene behind me showing the massive explosion spreading in all the directions. I had always been told explosions were instantaneous and was almost impossible to out run but the suit seemed to be holding its own.

The maps depiction showed the shockwave hitting the second nuke only adding to the growing chaos and out of control shockwave. The explosion was having very noticeable effects on the core as the nuclear energy seemed to press overdrive on the swirling molten mass below me. The core began to churn and boil violently sending plumes up toward me at shorter more violent intervals. I could now see the exit without the help of my gauges now. The exit was bigger then my entrance and seemed to be lined with a metallic substance leading me to believe it was a exhaust or vent pipe leading to the surface. Gambling on the hope that it was a straight route to the surface I redirected half the shield energy to my pulsars in hopes it would give me more speed.

I could feel my blasters react almost instantly and my ankles and wrist begin to shake with the stress of the power being released. The third nuke exploded now causing the humungous cavern to shake and buckle releasing ancient rocks from their somewhat permanent bed. A quick maneuver to the left let me dodge a falling boulder and had the added luck of putting me on a more direct rout to my exit. My gauges showed the temperature rising even more then I believed possible as the nuclear bombs heat mixed with the planets. My radiation meter showed my suit was still protecting me. The heat began charging even more of my energy stocks as the kinetatite absorbed the heat. I instantly redirected most of the energy once again to the boosters ignoring a flashing warning on my HUD. The rest of the energy I let sit in the stocks just in case I needed it through the vent.

A few hundred yards from the vent the final nuke exploded. The explosion must have had the intended effect of destroying the building but the nuke coupled with whatever powered the compound made for a very violent almost chaotic explosion that wreaked havoc on the core. I could visibly see the caverns rock ceilings shake violently with the shockwave and begin caving in more. The core moved with the shockwave then began to boil violently as it absorbed the excess energy. A small adjustment to my course put me in the exact middle of the vent. My speed made my vision almost tunnel and made the vent seem a lot smaller then it actually was. A small square display in the lower right corner showed me the explosions route and progress.

My eyes stayed locked on the tunnels route not daring to look away from the exit. My speed was so great the gauges was fighting a loosing battle on monitoring it. Forcing myself not to expend anymore energy I kept my course true not wanting to veer from it even a fraction of an inch, as it could very well be my last chance at survival. In my peripheral vision I could make out the metallic vent taking on a orange hue telling me what my lower square gauge was, the explosion had entered the vent. My body seemed to scream out loud as the force of my speed began taking a toll on it.

Gritting my teeth I fought with my mind not to expend anymore energy until I could see the literal light at the end of the tunnel. I could now feel actual heat on the bottom of my feet as the core sought vengeance for what I had don to it. I had poisoned the planets soul and now the turmoil inside matched the battle on the outside. Just as the thought crossed my mind to let loose my reserve energy a speck of light no bigger then a candle flame appeared in my vision. With a exhale of relief I ordered the release of my energy forcing my suit to go ever faster in its ascent. I fought my body as it began to tremble with the force of the Angel Ones boosters firing at over their maximum capacity.

The pain blurred my vision as I felt my right wrist snap under the force of my suits pulsar blaster. Instantly I could feel the suits gauntlet tighten around my injured limb and force it into the position that would keep my suit on the correct course. Responding to my injury the Angel One reinforced my other joints to help minimize any further injuries. It did little good as I felt the pain start in on my other wrist and my knees as the bones and cartilage began to give up. Small pin pricks focused me once again as the re-entry suit administered a mix of a analgesic and a steroid aimed at keeping my mind focused on the task at hand.

The flames and heat started engulfing my body like the hands of hell trying to drag me down. My shields stole some energy to compensate for the new temperatures. The flames were causing the vents metallic material to start melting into a molten dripping mass. With the exit coming closer with every second yet still seemed to be worlds away I raced the raging inferno. My heart nearly jumped from my chest when a piece of metal lost its hold on the vents wall and tumbled toward me.

My route arced slightly to the left and following the same route let the large piece pass behind my back. An immediate correcting to the right put me out of the path of another piece of debris but into a crash course with another. My scanners showed the thinnest part of the metal and routed my shields to the front. Closing my eyes out of reflex I could feel the impact with the large metal piece. I could feel the shutter all the way through my shields as I passed through it like and ancient lead bullet from a gun. I have to admit I was a bit surprised as I passed through the other side unharmed as light greeted me. Figuring it was no or never I mentally told the Angel One to release all the excess power stores out of the thrusters. As always the Angel listened without fault and pushed my suit ever faster. I could feel pressure all over my body as it reinforced itself to protect my bones.

I blasted out of the opening to the surface in a hell like storm of fire smoke and debris. Everything I was flying past was only a blur to my eyes and I dared not try to look for fear of messing with my aerodynamics for this may be the last chance for me to make it out with my life. My altitude meter just kept climbing as I made for the outer atmosphere and soon my dark destination of the universe. Clouds I burst through might as well have been small wisps of smoke that trailed from the suits thrusters as I burst through them the only remnants left were small droplets of water on my helmet as I climbed at an increasing rate. I burst through the outer atmosphere and peered at the black canvas in front of me.

My thrusters shut off expending over ninety percent of the energy left in my re-entry suit. The suit began going through routine diagnostics including oxygen collected on my way through the atmosphere. Exhaling I released a small energy burst to turn my body slightly toward the planet I had just made it out of alive. The monitors on my helmet made it seem like my face plate was transparent as my jaw dropped at the horrific sight unfolding before me. Giant orange glowing fissures were opening up and snaking around the planet scarring the surface. Large volcanic eruption like the ones of legend sent smoke and ash into the atmosphere engulfing the planet. The oceans boiled a steamed adding to the chaos. Nothing could have prepared me for when I could visibly see the tectonic plates shift and move from the force of the core's eruption. Some plates were even picked up on one end then sunk into the molten mass below them.

I had released hell on the planet. I was a harbinger of death and destruction for no other reason other then it was my mission. My sensors picked up a ship approaching and labeled it as friendly. This must be my pickup Anderson had told me about. I looked at the planet in sadness and frustration as it faced its apocalypse. "What have I done."

Re: Chaos Universe Chapter 2

PostPosted: Mon Jan 16, 2017 12:18 pm
by Ariel
Most impressive my Friend! Wow! It captured my attention and kept it the entire time I was reading. :shock:

Re: Chaos Universe Chapter 2

PostPosted: Tue Jan 17, 2017 11:38 pm
by Talon Sinnah
Thank you Ariel. I have found in writing in 1st person it is a little harder to keep things flowing because I got to think on word choices a bit more. Personally I felt that this chapter seemed a bit more bland then the 1st one.

Re: Chaos Universe Chapter 2

PostPosted: Mon Jan 23, 2017 12:52 pm
by Ariel
Sounded great to me! I don't know if writers are ever truly satisfied with their own work. Keep writing my friend!

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PostPosted: Wed Jan 25, 2017 5:49 am
by Talon Sinnah
I know I never have been especially after a 8+ year absence from it.

Trust me my friend I plan to stick with it this time

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PostPosted: Thu Feb 02, 2017 11:51 am
by Ariel
Glad to hear that Talon! Music helps for inspiration. I just go to youtube and look under mood music. You can find epic mood music for battle scenes, emotional music, fantasy music, etc.

Re: Chaos Universe Chapter 2

PostPosted: Sat Feb 18, 2017 11:49 pm
by Talon Sinnah
Usually my playlist does the trick as far as music goes. When I wrote own and paper, ah the good old days, if I wasn't writing at school I would listen to music. Most of the time rock or other genres a little heavier would do the trick. I've killed many a character to Godsmack I Stand Alone :lol:

Currently working on Chapter 3, about halfway through it at the moment