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The Stupid Thing Collectors, Generations...

PostPosted: Sun Sep 01, 2019 6:52 am
by L.L.
Des Troy, walked into the cockpit area, where Oteku were oiling the gears of the auto cannon. The way Oteku rubbed the gears, were reminiscent of how one would care for a baby, or tend to an elderly mother on her sickbed. The while waiting, Desmond shuffled his cuffs, and leaned upon the metal beam, his arms folded, and his foot kicked up upon his knee. Oteku looked back, as though expecting. Then he hung his rag up upon his shoulders.
“What are you doing here, Des?” he asked, with a lax smile, pretending that nothing were amiss, nor that amiss were anything to be considered.
“I am just here, fresh after a work out. I were wondering if you had any of those porn mags around.” He grinned a cat like smile.
Oteku nodded. “Oh, sure…” He flipped through some rubbish at the foot console, and then handed over a sticky and stiff porno magazine.
Desmond looked over it, flipping through the pages, then chucked it back Oteku’s way. “It’s all wet, you tool.”
Oteku smiled, and nodded. “Well, perhaps another?” He frowned to himself as he jolted, and then turned back to the pile at his right, where his feet usually were.
Just then, Quillelrilliador appeared, as if out of nowhere. “We having a party, are we?”

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PostPosted: Sun Sep 01, 2019 7:11 am
by L.L.
Quillelrilliador, were a tall, tanned man, with brown dreadlocks. He posed a threat to himself, which were why he were curious. He were the captain of The Black Swan, previously called The Destiny, Desmond Troy’s Rogue craft, until Quillelrilliador captured him, only then to eventually turn to his side. Des Troy, were a quite happy man, with plenty of aristocratic arrogance in his mettle. He looked fine, in his curls, and upon the many he would allay his revelations. Oteku, were the ships pilot, and they had picked him up off an asteroid, in a bar, where he were drinking away his sorrows, a dishonoured soldier whom had slept with the general’s daughter. The three, were a bunch, and upon their ship, were their girlfriends.
Regressia, looked like a panda, and carried her weight in her dark skin. She were always angry at Quillelrilliador, and he were one to gush his apologies. Sephora, were a water works, and very opinionated. She were Quillelrilliador's sister, though she were always complaining to him, for it were he that she loved. He would fight back quite similarly. Katie Langdon, were the ship's medic. She were mostly always by herself, and would pout when Sephora and Regressia would play the two men off, then slut over to Oteku as lesbians. (The skeleton of my sci-fi sitcom, where they discuss their missions, the solving of domestic disputes, before they get there. Liable to slight alterations and name changes.)

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PostPosted: Tue Sep 10, 2019 2:03 am
by L.L.
Katie Langdon, were polishing some trophies, whilst Desmond Troy were watching. Desmond, had a smirk upon his face, and he went over to the show, and leaned over, to inspect the progress.
"How is it going, Katie?" Desmond, were quite the fellow to worry over every detail, whilst he were in progress of something himself. However, whilst someone else were doing something, it were his fancy to see about every little mistake.
"It's going fine, Des." Katie Langdon were the ships medic, and Oteku were the pilot. It were infact their little thing, and the other four were however mostly spiteful and bitchy. Their behaviours, were of one that might be seen in a well to do place, or somewhere with debauchery and hedonism...

I am thinking, that Desmond Troy should be the ship's pilot, and Katie Langdon its medic, whilst Sephora, Regressia, Quillelrilliador, and Rostecrucio, continue to have gay battles, because they are f-wits. It is a fishy little improvement, to a mostly stupid argument that I have been having with myself for a while now...

Although, their names are far too long and stupid, from days when I thought that was what I was going for. Hows about, Sam, Ross, Sara and Bec. And Katie Langdon, and Desmond Troy, as the medic and pilot. You must keep some stupidity, after all.

Sam, the ship's captain, a tall and dreadlocked coloured man, sat twirling his finger in a glass of pinot. He were watching Desmond Troy, as he sat there, with his messy hair covered by a headset, relaying a bunch of useless information over the wire to the port authorities. Then Sam smirked, and took a sip. Sara, were sitting upon a poof, shuffling the cards that she were playing with Ross, as they smiled at each other like idiots. They were playing a repetitive game of snap, and had shuffled the deck more than could be counted that day. Bec, were sitting upon the chintz, watching a very small movie being played on a very small screen. Katie Langdon, were arguing with herself in the hand held mirror. The team, were getting ready to embark upon another collecting mission, where they would solve a problem, and hunt for a stupid thing. The fact were, that solving a problem, would always result in a stupid thing, because that were how they were made.
"When will this end?" Muttered Ross, looking into Sara's eyes, like she were a stuffed panda, or an icing cake. Sara looked over her shoulder at Sam, and muttered a few obscenities, to the gist of, "Are we there yet," before she took a card and zipped it over, to be caught in his massive haircut.
Sam startled, and looked over. "You'll have to ask Desmond, I'm afraid," he admonished,with his arms wide open. Sara huffed, and continued the game of snap, by cutting the deck sporadically in two, and handing Ross a tentative pack.
Bec woke from her stupor, and looked at Sam. "I think that we have an hour to go before the battery runs out, could you check with Des when we are to arrive through port authority?"
Sam looked over, and smiled a dirty and greasy grin, "Oh, I'm sure he has it handled." He then took a gulp of his drink, and hiccuped in his stupor.

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PostPosted: Tue Sep 10, 2019 6:02 am
by Bmat
My preference is for shorter names. I see mainly in fantasy that writers use long names that are difficult for the reader to pronounce, so, in my case, I skip over the name when reading.

You have a way with description.

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PostPosted: Tue Sep 10, 2019 1:04 pm
by L.L.
Thanks, Bmat.

The interface came up on the console hub of each of the crew of the Idiot Savant. The holographic interface, were connected to the ships coffee maker, so it were a little jiggly, like jelly or jubes. Ross, looked at the scrolling text, with an index finger pointed at it. "Des, do you remember what this word means?" He muttered an incoherent and incorrigible mess of syllables, and then raised his head, to the rotated neck of the ships pilot, Desmond Troy. Des had his headset on, and he looked surprised, but he had not heard what Ross had said. "What?" Ross repeated every letter, and then looked up again. "Nup." Then Desmond turned back to the ships obstacle hazard screen, and continued drawing speculative lines through the debris and heavenly bodies.
Katie Langdon walked into the room at that point, and was insulted with an ugly choke, as she saw with jealousy each member of the team occupied and busy, in a state of intense concentration. She bustled herself, and walked about the cockpit, handing out small plastic retainers of purified water, from the ships garden. They each took the cup, with a latent energy, kept mostly for turning over in bed. She looked at Ross's screen, and muttered, "Oh, flack."
"Here's another mission," said Sam, as he twirled his black dreadlock, with his tanned complexion. "A runaway bus, has plunged into the ocean, with a bunch of kids. Negotiator needed, for the sake of singing, "I'm a little teapot," backwards. Authorities warn of sharks. Bounty, 1000 Crowns. Sounds simple. Desmond, could you rig up a tape recording, or something.
Sara looked daggers at Sam. "Are you forgetting the Stupid Thing? It would be buried under oceans of water. No sane Collector would do that."
"But, for the sake of money alone," added Bec.
"What did you say?" shot Sara.
Ross muttered the word, "flack."
"What did you say," Sara shot.