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short storys by pim

Posted: Sat Mar 11, 2006 3:18 am
by who me
pim's house:

It is cold hear, so cold that when I go to the kitchen and get a pizza it is cold by the time I get to my room, really. Friday evenings is pizza night.
pim goes to the kitchen and puts a pizza in the oven. reading at the kitchen table till the pizza is done. Taking the pizza out of the oven placing it on the cutting board it is cut into pieces with the pizza cutter. Picking up the board in her one hand pim leaves the kitchen for her room.

pim passed through the hall with the squeaking wood floor that had the old Chinese carpets and the french tapestries on the wall. at the end of the hall were two doors of wood, one lead to the living room and the other to the room of clock's, even with the door closed one could hear the gentle ticking of the clocks. tick tick tick. only when the hour struck was the quiet of that room broken.
pim went to the door on the left and opened it and then closed it after her self. the living room floor was covered in carpets piled three or four high. the once white couch stood along the wall. some one had tossed a intricately woven blanket from India over the couch covering its slowly yellowing fabric.
pim walked past the cabinet with the television, CD player and other black boxes of entertainment. then past the table and to one of the four doors that led from the living room. opening the door and closing it behind her.
to the hall of statues. on the bare hard stone floor stood the hero's of antiquity. pim passed Hercules, Artemis, and Cesar "this is the face that ruled Rome thought pim"
in cabinets along the wall were rows and rows of Greek vases. and the walls painted in fresco's of ancient Greece and Rome
just past Achilles pim opened the door and closed it behind her.

that led to the east room,pim walked over the rugs of Persia to the center of the great room where there was a bright green and brown prayer rug surrounded by other prayer rugs and rugs that proclaimed the 99 names of Allah and all his glory. If one stood still and was very quiet one could hear the Azan echoing through the chamber no louder than the whisper but no one came.
passing through this room she came to the smaller archway at the very end of the chamber. through this pim passed into the library. along all the walls were dark wood shelves and between the shelves great stained glass windows.
the shelves were over flowing with books, magazines, papers, maps and scrolls. down the main isle pim walked careful not to knock over any of the precarious piles of book stacks that had been piled where the shelves could hold no more.

Posted: Sat Mar 11, 2006 11:12 am
by who me
at the far end of the library was a reading table, this to was full of books that had not been returned to there proper places slowly they were becoming covered with dust. by the fire place there was a secret door, this pim pushed open with her foot and then closed behind her, slowly she descended down the spiral stare case to the wine cellar. in the dim light she walked along the dusty flag stones past bottles of wine. the whine cellar was cool and very quiet spider webs hung between the bottles. pim did not know who had laid the bottles of whine. at the very end of the wine cellar was a set of small stares, at the top was a oak door with a iron handle. opening the door she closed it behind her. now she was in the dim light of the hall of weapons, to the right and left were empty suits of armor, on the walls were all manner of swords bows and spears. silently the army that had no more war to fight watched her pass as she walked past them to the iron door that she opened and then closed behind her.
pim walked down the hall of portraits where her ancestors looked sternly down at her from formal portraits in dark frames. turning left she opened the white door and stepped into the room of eggs. hear in this brightly lit room were eggs of all kinds. great ostrich eggs and tiny eggs from West Indian vervain humming bird.
coming to the end of this room pim opened the door and closed it behind her. this was the botanical garden, hear in this room there were small paths between pools of water. in the pools of water were all manner of fish, graceful Koi, Platys,Swordtails, Gourami,Arowana,Banded Archer,Gold Tiger Datnoid, and gold fish. many a beautiful tropical plant grew in this garden.vines crept and crawled up the wrought iron, great palm trees shaded the paths below, flowering plants of all kinds were visited by butterfly's. along the winding paths pim walked she came to a wrought iron door and opened this passing through this door and closing it behind her she climbed the stares at the top she opened the door and closed it behind her, hear in her room pim sat down and put her pizza in the floor. it was cold as aways.