I hate being Shy!

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I hate being Shy!

Post by SFNovelwriter »

I whipped this one up today hope it makes a few of you smile.

I hate being shy!

I dare not stare
But I can’t help myself and I do anyway
I’m busted, as he turns, and looks my way
He smiles in the moment
But I panic and glance away
I’m mortified that I’m caught
But then again I’m not!
I flush crimson to my toes
As he passes by
I’m certain he knows, surely he can see,
He just smiles warmly and simply says, “Hi!”
Suddenly I’m mute and I don’t know why
I can’t say a simple hello or even goodbye!
I’m not beautiful, but once, I heard him call me cute
I hate being this way!
Especially today!
When he said hi!
I hate being shy!

I dream of romance
Like most women do
A date in Paris or most anywhere in France will do
Later sharing a chocolate mousse, or fondue
Or maybe strawberries and cream
Just to eat them and tease him
But I’m such a klutz
Just this morning I saw him and spilled my Starbucks!
I wasn’t pretty in pink if you know what I mean
The fact that he saw me!
Had me wishing it was a dream
At least I could wake up!
And he wouldn’t have really seen!
How I died inside!
I hate being shy!

He broke up with Sue
Who’s got way more then I do!
Blonde and buxom, with those eyes of blue!
Tall with legs that go from here to there
Poor short little me, with browned eyes, and brown hair!
How can anyone compete with the clothes she wears?
It’s little wonder I don’t stand a chance
I don’t have a prayer!
And every day after work I just want to cry!
I hate being shy!

The girls all say he’s the most eligible by far
The most handsome, the sweetest, a shooting star!
Sue wasn’t his type; none of us had a clue!
The men talk about her
No doubt dream of her too
All the guys want to do
Is hang around and talk to Sue!
I hate to admit
I was overjoyed
When I heard the news
But Sue will bounce back
Of that we’re all certain is true
Girls like Sue usually do!
Just a wink and a smile
They will line up for miles!
As I simply sit here and let out a long and dreamy sigh
I hate being shy!

Word round the cooler
Has the office all abuzz
He has his eyes on someone!
One of us!
The girls include me
In their circle of trust
Only out of courtesy, and just because
Nonetheless, often I’m the butt of their jokes
Standing there listening to them
While sipping on my diet coke
I can’t remember if ever once I spoke
Little more then a hi, or a polite goodbye!
I hate being shy!

The gossip intensifies about our guy
With his jet black hair, and his emerald green eyes!
They say he’s had it bad for this girl,
Whoever she may be
And for quite some time, so it would seem!
Just who is she?
Well, we can all dream, can’t we?
Another day, another lunch, another noon time charade!
The girls whisper and they giggle, like plotting a crime!
While I sit at the next table, alone, straining an ear
There is little if anything I’m allowed to hear
It’s just another day, another lunch I fear
It’s hard to hide
I hate being shy!

It doesn’t really bother me, not being included
In any of their schemes, and their games, no matter how convoluted
Though at times, I feel left out, and just a little bit lame
But not on this Friday
I wore my new dress
And with it I wore heels, and all was red
To hell with them all!
They can give it a rest!
Today I was certain, I was looking my best!
I shook my head and gave them a look
Turned on my heel and started to book!
Then ran right into him!
It was quite the collision!
He caught me, and held me, and stopped me from falling
But not the Starbucks he previously was holding!
It splashed on his shirt, and on down his tie!
I let out a gasp!
I thought I would die!
He said he was sorry!
As I regained my feet
It surely wasn’t how I dreamt it would be
Certainly not how I hoped we would meet!
My mouth open wide!
I was mortified!
I hate being klutzy!
I hate being shy!

He wiped at his shirt!
I wiped at his tie!
He smiled, and stopped me, and asked, “If I had time”
“Of course,” I stammered, and he turned on a dime
Then led me down the hall
And thank god out of sight
Away from the scene of my klutzy crime!
My heart was in my throat
I was so the fool
As we entered his office
I felt anything but cool
Awaiting the lashing, I knew was coming
I took a deep breath it certainly was overdue!
Instead he just smiled and offered a chair
I sat, and I fidgeted, and twirled a finger in my hair
While my leg shook nervously, and I tried not to stare
Sweat ran down my back
And I shivered in my hose
In front of my dream guy
I shriveled up like a rose
I hate being shy!

Certainly it was over!
Any notions, any hopes
Surely any dreams I might have had
They lie dashed on the floor like a latte gone bad!
What a dope I am!
To be forever the butt of all the office jokes!
As I stared at the stains on his shirt and on his tie
And the sadness welled up about to burst from inside
I knew I was on the verge, and about to cry
I felt like such a cad!
Then he asked about Tonight!
And if I had plans
Shocked and unprepared
Did I hear that right?
What did he say?
He laughed and repeated, “dinner at 8?”
“Yes of course!”
What else could I say?
He smiled and said, “Relax, it’s just a shirt, it’s ok”
“For you see, I hated that tie anyway”
He gave me his number and I scribbled him mine
I managed a stunned smile
And we talked for a moment or two
But god it seemed like awhile
Then as I turned to leave
One by one the girls passed on by
And I caught each and every one of their eyes
And couldn’t help smiling deep down inside
For it was me!
I was she!
Don’t ask me why
I ever I hated being so klutzy or shy.
Fairy's and Dragons are real, if you believe.

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Post by Xyster »

Very long poem, but it has great rythym and flow. It's truly an ode to all of us that suffer from such things. :D

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Post by Ariel »

I know it's a poem, but I want to know if it's a true story. That was great! :wink:

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Post by SFNovelwriter »

No not a true story I just sat down and wrote it today...
Glad you liked it!
Fairy's and Dragons are real, if you believe.

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