Loves Regrets

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Loves Regrets

Post by SFNovelwriter »

Loves Regrets

Have you ever turned the radio on?
To hear no music, to hear no song
Have you ever answered a ringing phone?
Hoping for a familiar voice, when in fact you were alone
Have you ever cried alone in the dark?
Or strolled though a park with just your thoughts
Have you ever been afraid of life?
But truly and certainly didn’t want to die
All I do now is clutch tight loves regrets

I walk along the dusty road of my life
I think what could have been
If I had only I has seen and or even tried
I might be living a very different life
Your arms were so strong when holding me
Your love so tender, so warm, surrounding me
But I needed, no wanted, something far more
What it was, or could be I wasn’t sure
But in the end, I came to see
I had the best the rest simply blinded me
And now all I can do is simply clutch tight loves regrets

Many men have come and gone
Moon lit walks on beaches of gold
Champaign and parties all night long
A physical melding but no love in the end
Leaving me cold, a heart that would never mend
My smile was as hollow as my soul was shallow
Your image forever burned in my mind
Along with thoughts of loves regrets left behind

I pack my bags and say my goodbyes
My eyes are dry no more tears left to cry
I sell it all and board a plane
Homeward bound, am I insane?
The big city girl coming home
I tell them for a visit
For a rest, not a long stay
A lesson learned hard
Now being put to the test.
I sleep and dream of loves regrets

The radio blares a country song
The cell phone is silent it won’t even roam
My family hugs me one and all
Still the city girl, hair, nails and all
But then a familiar blue pickup appears
I smile and hold back hidden tears
He smiles and he spins me around like ole times
When I was his and he was mine
I shudder inside from what might be said
While hope wells up from somewhere deep inside
Sure I’ll stay I’ve got nothing but time
So hand in hand we talk and walk
Barefoot and smiling like times gone bye
To the wind I toss loves regrets of old
I found what I wanted right at home.
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Post by Neurolanis »

Nice poem. :)

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Post by Bmat »

I agree.

A poignant poem. I've been there. The abject loneliness, the regrets.

The only line that doesn't appeal is the one about the cell phone, and for some reason the rhythm of it comes across as something tossed - something forced. But this is MHO.

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Post by SpookyKatie »

Very good poem!
Wonderfully done!
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Post by Ariel »


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Post by Talon Sinnah »

Very nice.

All except the last verse hits me at home but I am hoping that comes true as well, of all things I believe I need a happy ending to it all.
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