You Lose

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You Lose

Post by SFNovelwriter »

You Lose

I walk along the sunset beach
A stiff breeze in my hair
The hand I reach out to touch
Is suddenly not there

I’ve had it all and tossed it away
More times to count then I would care
But I never thought I’d see the day
When you would not be there

I remember laughing at your silly stories
And picking up after you drove me so insane
You were always late still always in a hurry
I loved you, like you loved me, only not the same

You put up with my lies
My missed dinners and more
You’d get over it have a good cry
I just needed variety it wasn’t a crime

Television dinners and an empty bed
Leaves a cold feeling in ones soul
A lonely apartment with cheap rent
Tossed from my home, it sucks being alone

Making love and making a home
An adoring family now all gone
A beautiful husband a beautiful wife
Torn asunder on yet another lust filled night

To cheat and to lie can lead to a real great time
Till your caught red handed and can’t deny
The momentary pleasure, though fun viewed my crime
By the better half now I’m bitter and to proud to cry

Yeah go ahead and cheat, thought don’t get caught
The excitement and the thrills are fleeting at best
They won’t pass the time of till death do us part
For love, for honor, for family are words of an inner test
So if you stumble, or fail, you most certainly will lose
No reset, no reboot, life and issues of the heart aren’t a silly game
In the end, when it’s over you have only yourself to blame.
Fairy's and Dragons are real, if you believe.

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Post by Bread Butterbeard »

I like this poem however the ending sentce doesnt sit right with me, I am not sure what to suggest just that it seems to lose its charge, as a whole tohugh I turly enjoyed this, It rings true sadly to many now a days but such is the world we find our selves living in.

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Post by Believer »

I agree with Taith, this is overall a very good poem. However it seems to me that you wre rushing the ending with all the lines in the last stanza.
Love: a temporary insanity, curable by marriage. -Ambrose Bierce-

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Post by Shy »

This poem really spoke to me. Really, Really Spoke To Me...The last stanza doesn't fit with the flow of the rest of the poem but, I am sure that if you tinkered with it a bit it would start to work.

Wonderfully put!

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