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Your eyes in the darkness do no good
So what good are your eyes in my world?
You hear the talking; you feel the breath on the back of your neck
But when you turn around and look you are blind
You take a few steps forward and hear the steps behind
But when you turn around and look all you see is darkness
How are you to know when you are being followed when all you see is black?
You know you’re not dead because of the pain of losing it all
Not knowing if you will ever get out of this place
Did you ever wonder what it’s like to be depressed?
All you see is darkness but you’re alert to the world around
All you feel is the pain of never seeing your friends again
Worried that the only thing you’ll see is the darkness
Never really knowing where you are or what you’re doing
You want to get out and see your friends
But you think they don’t want to see you
As you stumble in the darkness you find a room
It makes you happy for a little while
But then you realize the only time you are happy
Is when your talking to that girl and
Then you remember that you *beep* things up
And now you, inside that room
You realize that you hate your life
So you try and find a knife and
Just to see your pain and suffering end
You take the knife and try to take your life
But you can’t and you’re not sure why and
You want so bad to die but when you tried
All you could do was cry and
Knowing that you were in love before things got this bad
You go back and apologize but
You can’t get a hold of that girl that
You fell in love with and now
You take the knife and you put it to your wrist
And you push down as hard as you can and this time you draw the blood that has taken so much from you
You are now crying just realizing that
The only reason you are going this is…you
Before you thought it was your friends and family
You were worried they would get involved
Thinking they would worry about you
And now that you have your blood on that knife
You want to take it all back because
Now you can see again and all you friends are there
Caring for you and crying for you but
It’s too late
You on your death bed
Roses all around, cards and balloons completely surround you
You want to take everything back
But you went and cut those wrists too deep
It’s too late
Your eyes do no good in the darkness
And now you know what’ it’s like in my world, all alone
With nowhere to go but down
With the knife in your hand you have to live with dying
Live a thousand more deaths before you see your friends again
But it’s worth it to you
You would do it again
Just to be with them one last time
Before you die your last death
Eyes do no good in the darkness
So what good are your eyes in my world?

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