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Scream and Cry

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Scream and Cry

Postby nightlock » Thu Sep 15, 2011 2:01 am

Emotions are stormbound,
and in a cacophony of sound,
I Scream and Cry,
I Challenge and Defy.

Drops of rain suffuse my skin,
with the storm a’raging,
both without and within,
my rationale has gone a’viking.

Against the wind I roar,
coming from deep within my core,
I Scream and Cry,
I Challenge and Defy.

Drenched to the bones,
and bleeding away my heat,
although lashed by hailstones,
I’ll never admit defeat.

And so I will continue to rebel,
If must be, all the way to hell,
I will Scream and Cry,
I Challenge and Defy.

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