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The Alleyway Cat

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The Alleyway Cat

Postby waytanblee » Sun Nov 04, 2012 7:04 pm

The Alleyway Cat

This alleyway cat, he flips his coin
Upon his agile, tempered paw.
To see and blink past dreadful skill.
To tempt and bring a luck to call.

To be skilful flipper see
That one must be past his misery.
Though a dreadful past must chase him still,
This cat, this man, come look, come see.

A whistle with doth he walk
And stalk his prey, which is the night.
The night itself it is he wishes to see
With all its wonder, its moon, its plight.

For a cat is the wily of wily beasts.
He dotes on dotage and licks the treats
Tonight, upon a mistress he wishes to call
The one whom calls her home the streets

The cat, this man, he sees her thus,
Upon that moonlit, moonlit fence.
To catch her at her artful dance,
Through dog and yard he pursues to jest.
Upon her height and stance and allure,
To which she justly—catlike—replies:
That she, this creature, beautiful of beasts,
Needs his type of sharp wit tonight.
To the garbage pale yard in fright she goes,
To take her fill of midnight feast.
And he nods and manages a twist of his whiskers
He’ll go and follow her in this tryst.
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