No Title, Not/For/A/Long/Shot

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No Title, Not/For/A/Long/Shot

Post by shootbootleg »

To get inside your mind, please,
Don’t try to dream, don’t even sleep,
As long as it may seem, the World I mean
So far away, a bit moist, a bit dry,
A bit salty, yeah, nice and dirt-dirty;
If continuous a bit, just sit, sit
And take it with a great deal of ease:
When you get inside, take care my friend,
‘Cause soon you’ll die. Bye, bye…

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Post by LightBrigade »

This is either a remarkably condensed expression or well beyond my capacity to perceive speech.

In the first case, the poet can apply the golden rule:

work on it until you yourself make sense when you read it from the point of view of an imaginary reader. Good luck!
When people agree with me, I always feel that I must be wrong. -- Oscar Wilde --

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