Karl Edward Wagner

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Karl Edward Wagner

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He wrote his books about "Kane" in 60's and 70's of 20th century when there was a boom for all sort of fantasy . Series about "Kane" in my country contains five tomes ( idon't know if he wrote more)

The name Kane is a direct allusion to the myth about "kain and abel" from the Holy Bible. Kain killed his brother . He was punished for his deed by an exile and a mark of the killer ( cold blue eyes ) which will remind his crime to everyone he will meet in the future .

Stories about Kane are heroic fantasy , but they are also often called "dark heroic fantasy " . What's clear at the first sight ,kane is modelled on the Howard's Conan. But when we are going deeper into the action we start to see more differences than simmilarities.

Kane is a dark series. What i mean by that? Everything is evil and dark here. People , children(scene where the girl is playing kickball with her mother's head) , even gods . In this world the only law is the law of the stronger , and Kane with his thousand year or longer experience is one of the most powerful players in that game. He cannot die, he is bored with life. There is no surprise that the only thing that makes his heart beat faster is war, battle and blood .

It's highly incorrect to say about all stories in general because each story is different , the only constant is the main character Kane. In each one we are waiting how will it end , who will win etc. But to be honest stories about Kane hardly ever ends in positive way, and that's also one of the factors that makes them so special .

In the end something about the author . Karl Edward Wagner looks physically very simmilar to his hero . Long, red beard blue eyes. The weight of about 100 kg. Wagner was using many prohibited drugs , was drinking much alcohol. He was a psychiatrist so every day he had contact with people's dark , hidden sides. Mayby these are the reasons why he wrote such great books ;]

Did you read sth . of Kane? Share your opinions about the series.

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