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Jess Corbin

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Jess Corbin

Postby anouskat » Sat Nov 25, 2006 7:52 am

Hi !
Sci Fi fans do check out Jess Corbin's books [link removed. Bmat] he is family fav author ! Love his
Holli Randall adventures hot and passionate ! his Sci Fi Cistera and my children love his Kets Akademy !! from ages 9 is cool !
partner like collect marvel comics as from Poland ! he now is keen fan of Jess Corbin character 'Chii '
and horror ? I see topic on mummy 3 ? Jess Corbin is followin on from Steven Sommers with 'The Awakening' not forgettin fav
at moment set in China bout them terracota warriars and 1st Emperor called Lotus !!
We love him as author !!
love Anouskat ! :P

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