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REVIEW:To Crush The Moon Wil McCarthy-

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REVIEW:To Crush The Moon Wil McCarthy-

Postby Harriet » Sun May 01, 2005 5:00 pm

To Crush The Moon
Wil McCarthy
Bantam, June 2005, $6.99, 400 pp.
ISBN 055358717X

In the far distant future, mankind has achieved immortality, fax machines that transport people from point A to Point B are commonly used and the Negcog a telecommunications network allows messages to be transmitted almost instantaneously. The Queendom of Sol benevolently rules all the inhabited worlds but the seeds for the monarchy’s destruction are already planted.

Colony planets are failing and refugees race to a home that has no room for them. The homeless on earth is in the millions and a new world is needed for these refugees. King Bruno decides on a daring plan to crush the moon internally and make it habitable for billions of people. The architect for this plan is Conrad Mursk, who was rescued from the crippled Newhope out of Banard’s, another collapsing colony world. In cyro are 25,000 men and women who escaped and now form the workforce of the moon which is now named Lune. The refugees from Eridani want to live on Lune not in cold storage. When the monarchy refuses to give into their demands, they unleash a virus that destroys the Nescog. Years later, mortal humans are faced with a war with the Glitter King and the immortal Bruno and Conrad lead the opposing army, knowing if they fail, human life may very well disappear from the galaxy.

For all of its technological achievements the world of the future seems a very bleak place. Wil McCarthy makes immortality seem like a curse because with nobody dying, there is no room for more people on Earth. This is outer space noir science fiction with a gothic feel because instead of harmony, there is chaos because mankind doesn’t have what it takes to create viable human habitable planets. TO CRUSH THE MOON is cutting edge science fiction at its very best.

Harriet Klausner
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