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NZ kid that writes books

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NZ kid that writes books

Postby Dark Knight » Fri Apr 18, 2008 5:23 pm

He lives in New Zealand

Writes books, he is working on novel number five.

He has a great imagation.

His parents pay for the books to be printed.

They sell for NZ $15

He goes to school

He is age 10 :shock:

Ten-year-old a serial thriller
By MICHELLE LOTTER - North Shore Times | Thursday, 06 March 2008

Waking up at 6.30am to write stories has earned a 10-year-old author accolades among his peers.

Tyler Stent recently completed The Other Land’s Curse, the second novel in his Ring Master Chronicles series, and another novel, A Hero’s Tale.

The Albany Junior High student is now working on the third novel in the chronicles series which is set to be called The Advisor’s Secret.

"Tyler sets his alarm for 6.30 so he can get up and type," his mother Gail Stent says.

"He only stops when I say ‘you’ve got to have your breakfast and get ready for school’, you can’t stop him."

The year 7 pupil had his first adventure and fantasy novel Three Wishes published at age nine.

"The things that happen to me, I add into these books," he says. "Like if I got into a fight at school, I add it in."

He says his life is like those of the characters in one of his favourite movies, Bridge to Terabithia, where the child characters create their own mystical world.

Tyler says his stories are based on the adventures he has in a forest near his home, where he has imaginary sword fights and other battles.

"Sometimes when I’m playing in the bush I think of a really good idea and put it in the book."

Tyler’s latest books include maps of the fictional islands in his stories, and fun word games and other activities for childen to complete at the end.

He says he has a lot of support from his school mates, who at first read his books to please him, but ended up really enjoying them.

Tyler says he has been spurred on particularly by his friends Ollie and Britain who pestered him to finish the series because they wanted to know what would happen next.

He is also motivated by his competitive spirit to write more than others his age, his mother says.

She says Tyler sold about 50 of each of his books and has received orders for more.

from http://www.stuff.co.nz/4428343a4501.html
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