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Another Twin-Bred Novel is out!

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Another Twin-Bred Novel is out!

Postby Bmat » Tue May 21, 2013 10:23 am


A Twin-Bred novel

By Karen A. Wyle

The Twin-Bred are in space with the mission of finding a new planet to colonize. However there are still at least one human and one Tofa Twin-Bred who remain on Tofarn. Humans and Tofa on Tofarn pursue their own interests, sometimes with suspicion and distrust. The spacefarers make exciting discoveries and have important decisions to make.

Reach is a worthy sequel to Twin-Bred. The non-human beings are really non-human, with non-human senses, physical characteristics, and reactions. Even though it would be possible to read Reach without having read Twin-Bred, Reach will be richer for the reader who has read Twin-Bred.

Reach moves smoothly, the characters are consistent. There are so many characters that it may be a little difficult to keep them sorted, but this does not detract from the pleasure of reading the book. Twin-Bred and Reach will both be of particular interest for those who enjoy reading about sentient beings other than Earth-humans.

I received a pre-publication copy of Reach so that I could review it, but this did not affect my review.
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