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The Year of Our War

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The Year of Our War

Postby L.L. » Fri Aug 30, 2019 3:10 pm

I remember this as the last book I really enjoyed. I were lifted upon wings, and never returned. I took some elements, and wrote a story that lead me to believe I was not meant to write fantasy. All I remember, is there was a final show down, and I became infatuated with the classics. I feel the need to attempt to finish the series, beginning at the start, letting you all know as to why. The basic story, is there is an insect threat.

Day one: The Awians are being attacked by the insects of the Paperlands, and King Dunlin Rachiswater requires men from Awia and the Plainslands, to remove the insect fortifications, threatening a two thousand year stalemate. The hero, is Comet, or Jant, an immortal.

Day two: Jant does drugs. In an ensuing battle over the Eszai, Jant circles over the battlefield, in search of Dunlin Rachiswater. We see the insects escape through a breach in the wall, and repair it after the Fyrd soldiers break through, with a battering ram. They fight with both and claw, and have antenna. They scramble over the soldiers, and many die in agony. The battle is dominated by the immortals, and their men, and they channel the insects, like a river, into a channel.

Day Three: Dunlin lies, a corpse, his wings stripped, he must be a Rhydanne, like Jant. He is alive, Jant hurries him from the battlefield, many dead. Jant describes the countryside.

Day Four: Jant is writing a report, and Lightning arrives to plead King Dunlin Rachiswater's condition. He is recovering, in the hospital. There is another Rhydanne, called Genya. There had been mention of wings on the Awians, but they were not called Rhydanne. Turns out the Awians have wings, though are flightless, unlike the Rhydanne, whom can fly. The characters so far, are Jant Shira, otherwise known as Comet; Staniel and Dunlin Rachiswater, the Awian royals; Lightning, Ata Dei and Mist, the Eszai immortals; and Genya, the other Rhydanne; there has also been mention of one called Rayne, whom Jant is visiting now as I leave off.
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