Season of the Witch - Natasha Mostert

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Season of the Witch - Natasha Mostert

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I recently discovered this brilliantly written book whilst browsing in Waterstones.

I had never hard of the author before but the jacket and the blurb grabbed me instantly.

The story is basically a supernatural thriller, it describes itself as Gothic which I can understand why.

It is set in modern day London, with the key character, Gabriel, once part of a uk remote viewing investigation squad, now turned hacker, falling into a world of mystery, obsession, lust and alchemy when his ex turns up and asks him to help track down her missing stepson.

After "slamming the ride" in order to infiltrate the boys mind, Gabriel falls into the mind of a boy walking through a house with a million doors and then finally being pushed underwater by a woman in a mask in a swimming pool.

Enter the broom sticks, no magic cauldron, the 2 sisters that have something to do with the differences of the stepson use magic like science, both of them beautiful and desirable in different ways they practice the are of memory building, the alchemy of the mind, turning knowledge into power.

Gabriel becomes part of their game and part of their lives as he tries to desperately find out which is the sister who murdered his quarry, and ultimately he falls in love with someone who might be a murderer.

This book tears you along with its visual writing style, a highly recommended read of people who like their thrillers twisted and dark.

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