HIGHLY Recommended: C.L. Wilson's Lord of the Fading Lands

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HIGHLY Recommended: C.L. Wilson's Lord of the Fading Lands

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Hi there!
So, I have stumbled upon a jewel! C.L. Wilson's Lord of the Fading Lands, Tairen Soul Series. OMG. I am sucking down these books like a fat man giving himself food! And boy do I love food. ^_^

From Publishers Weekly
This fantasy-romance debut features faerie king Rain Tairen Soul, a man tormented by age-old grief: a thousand years ago, the woman he loved was slain in battle, and in his rage he laid waste to half the world. Now his people are dying out and the evil mages of Eld are rising again. When Rain hears the call of his lost soul mate, Ellysetta, he journeys to the neighboring kingdom to find her; when he claims a woodcarver's daughter as his mate, he scandalizes the nobility of her country and rouses the interest of Eld's wicked wizards, who come seeking her in order to get at Rain. The first book in a series, much of this volume is devoted to establishing the characters and their world, at the expense of plot... A promising start, this series should have great appeal for fans of fantasy and will likely reward romance readers for whom patience is not a problem.

I dove right in and have been hooked. I love the story-it's imaginative and flows with a tantalizing ease. It is romance based, but purely fantasy and to me, not over the top with steamy sex scenes. The characters have won me over and I find myself missing them when I put the book down. I usually trade my books via Paper Back Swap, or used online, but I finished book one, and the next day went to two different stores to pay FULL PRICE for the rest of the released series. I NEVER pay full price. I am about to finish book two and not disappointed at all.
I think you will enjoy. It's now my new favorite series....... Happy Reading! Forewarning- the first book ends in a total cliffhanger-might as well get the sequel!
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Re: HIGHLY Recommended: C.L. Wilson's Lord of the Fading Lan

Post by Bmat »

Thank you for the recommendation. I'm not much of a fan of fantasy, but I do like a good romance.

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