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Kingkiller Chronicle -- Patrick Rothfuss

Posted: Fri Mar 25, 2011 1:14 am
by Nightender
I'm sure someone out there has read these. The second book came out earlier this month and debuted at #2 on the NY Times Bestseller List.

Pat Rothfuss is a fantastic writer. He's tapped into something primal and perfect with his story. Kvothe is a fantastic narrator and both books The Name of the Wind and The Wise Man's Fear are both put together with such artistry and impressive prose, anyone looking to read great writing, regardless of genre, should check them out.

Re: Kingkiller Chronicle -- Patrick Rothfuss

Posted: Sun Nov 27, 2011 8:29 pm
by HarmonDen
I am looking forward to reading The wise man's fear......a little pg-13 but it is a good story(The name of the wind)....3 outta 4 for me..............