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Short stories

Post by sarah »

Hey guys,

I'm looking for some short fiction with a sci-fi edge to it. I've just finished reading this awesome collection of short stories called Litmus (don't know if anyone's heard of it?) the stories in it were all sci-fi related but in a very realistic way. Apparently the writers were paired up with actual scientists so that their work would be scientifically accurate. Anyways I was hoping that people might be able to suggest some other similar stories/collections to me.

Thanks :)

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Re: Short stories

Post by The Master »

Welcome to SV Sarah!

Sounds like you have discovered the joys of "Hard Science Fiction", or SF that is based on actual science. This does not mean that every single element is scientifically factual, but there is a strong leaning toward using or extrapolating on real science theories as a significant or driving force of the story.

Some author names to look for:
Vernor Vinge
Greg Egan
Greg Bear
Neal Stephenson (the guru of Cyber punk)
Poul Anderson
Ben Bova

Some books to read:
Rainbows End, Vernor Vinge
Ringworld, Larry Niven (a classic that should be required reading for any SF fan)
Downbelow Station, by C.J. Cherryh
Lilith's Brood, by Octavia Butler
World War Z, by Max Brooks (if you like zombies)
The Mars Trilogy (Red Mars, Blue Mars, Green Mars), by Kim Stanley Robinson

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