basic premise for a story line

Not sure if you're on the right track? Post anything from character descriptions, snippets of text, or even whole chapters to get some advice.

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basic premise for a story line

Post by wizardahz »

I originally posted part of this in off topic as
InterGalactic Church Church of God.

This is a tongue in cheek premise of a story line.
A galactic civilization founded on these principles,
and what happens when an over zealous researcher
discovers that the whole thing is based on a Sci-Fi Fantasy
novel intended to poke fun at organized religions.


My Friends,

All religions basically agree on the following;
A greater being created the heavens and the earth and gave them to man to order to his will.
This creator wants us to go forth and multiply.
There are not enough resources or room on this planet to do that.

Therefor I put forth the proposal that man-kinds ultimate god given destiny is to populate the stars.

I submit the following in support of my argument.

The first truth; Its heavens plural that means every thing in them .

The second truth; We are a horny species it needs no further justification.

The third truth: See explanation for second truth.

Please don't pass this message to your friends!

And PLEASE PLEASE don't start a religion based on this.
I Don't Want To Be A Martyr'


Please post comments, critiques and suggestions.

Thank You

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Post by berry »

Welcome Wizardahz,
I really like it. I think it has a lot of potential both humorous and serious and a lot of room for a interesting story. Do share some more.
Have you read 'Scepticism Inc' by Bo Fowler? It might be worth a read while you embark on this project. It's about a man that opens a metaphysical betting shop. You can bet on things like 'God is love' and that there is only one God. It begins to pose very amusing problems for the characters in the story.
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Post by clknaps »

Run with it. Very Douglas Adams like.

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