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feedback please Serinity and the Desert Hoard

Not sure if you're on the right track? Post anything from character descriptions, snippets of text, or even whole chapters to get some advice.

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feedback please Serinity and the Desert Hoard

Postby SerinitysChild » Fri Nov 04, 2011 8:24 am

Serinity and the Desert Hoard.

Between the first god wars and the creation of the southern continent’s central desert by the witch wars, a seventh race took shape in the heart and soul of Harash. Weary of the destruction her grandchildren visited upon the six races, the first goddess of Path reached deep within herself and brought forth the progenitors of the Neiled.
The Neiled are a tall, sturdy race. Dark of skin and eye, their hair is surprisingly light. Knowledge of the physical world is given them by their creator. However, magic is forbidden to them.
Harash blessed them and bid them multiply, taking dominion of the land from the eastern sea to the western plane. From the southern mountains to the northern swamps, the Neiled could roam freely.
Watching the seventh race procreate, Harash wonders at their adaptability. Generations of the beings, who live no longer than humans, come and go while the first goddess watches her grandchildren be deposed by their children. In the interim, the Neiled prosper.
At the end of the second god wars, the witches, who’d backed the losing side, took their revenge on the new gods by destroying the jungle forest of the southern continent. Where once there were verdant jungles and mighty rivers, now there grow great sand dunes destitute of moisture.
Taking pity on her newest race, Harash bends magic around the center of the desert, hiding the remnants of the Neiled. A hundred generations live and die inside the magical dome created by Harash. Eventually they emerge from the dome to survey the lands of legends.


Hot desert winds lift tiny flecks of sand and dust swirling them around inside whirlwinds before dropping them along rills of sand dunes. In the east, the sun lifts its flaming face above the scorched dunes, casting harsh shadows across a barren land under a cerulean sky. Wisps of high, orange tinted thin clouds play tag along the western horizon, harbingers of the fire and flame soon to boil out of the hidden place of the burning sands.
Neiled warriors, masters of the physical world, storm across the desert. Beneath their steel and leather shod heals conquerors bring the villages of the desert flame enslavement. Thousands fall before them. Thousands more ware the slave collars of conquered people. Even the Sisterhood of Parth vanishes under the armies of the Neiled.
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