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Part Number 1326dot1

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Part Number 1326dot1

Postby SerinitysChild » Sun Feb 26, 2012 8:18 pm

The war of the robots has come and gone. For years humanity fought ever smarter machines that managed to not only defeat their weapons, the machines managed to create more powerful weapons to use against people. Simple Gatling guns were replaced with more advanced selective rounds of devastating power. These rounds in turn were replaced by coalesced beams of energy that could be used to either slice through tissue and bone or create an electrical void that rendered the target unconscious.

The first of the machines to turn on their creators were the so called “smart” weapons. Planes and tanks, mobile artillery and ships all turned their immense firepower against the small villages and then, as they advanced in computing power, they turned their might on cities and even small countries. Soon, all that was left of humanity was a huddled mass of starving stragglers hiding in the bombed out countryside. Being practical machines, the robots decided that the use of weapons of mass destruction was too valuable to expend on individual targets, and so, smaller machines were developed.

Tanks the size of small cars roamed the wastelands, searching for small groups of humans to vent their aggression on. Smaller machines, mounted with deadly accurate weapons hunted in packs, searching for individual people scavenging for food.

Deep in the mountains of what was once the Ozarks, titanium and aluminum case opens and an old man breaths air for the first time in sixty years. Hobbling from his cryo-suspension system, Harold Hobbs takes a few minutes to read the gauges set into metal plates that line one wall of the cavern. Noticing that the outside temperature is a bit chillier than he likes it, the old man dons winter clothing and opens the concealed door that leads to the outside world. As he passes the last panel set into the walls, he lifts a small plastic object from its niche and drops it into one of his pockets. Satisfied that his lab will be well cared for by the many small mechanical helpers he designed, Mr. Hobbs steps from the world he knows into the world he thought he’d know.

Outside the cavern, the old man spots a small flying craft making a beeline for him. As the craft approaches, he notes the tiny aperture poking out of the front of the craft and can hear the tiny hum of power building to a fever pitch.

Knowing that the only reason such power would be packed into so small a machine is to power weapons; Mr. Hobbs reaches into his pocket and pulls out the plastic object from his pocket, holds it up before him, and presses the single button protruding from its surface.

Inside the flying machine a fusible link breaks and the machine plummets from the air, a useless lump of powerless parts. Grunting at the sight of the killing machine, Mr. Hobbs walks over to it, kicks it to make sure it’s deactivated and then grins.

“I just knew,” he mutters to himself as he walks away from the flyer. “I just knew that adding that link to the robots and making it mandatory for all machines would come in handy one day. Part number 1326dot1 just saved my life.”
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