Announcing the new Resource Network

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Announcing the new Resource Network

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As fate would have it the new version of our Resource Network software went gold today so I have gone ahead and launched that new design too :)

As with the forums that design may see some changes in look once I have the static part of the site figured out. It is very heavily CSS reliant and users should see a marked improvement in both page loading and search response.

Please note that due to a change in how the software works if you already have a link submitted you do not "own" it. The network now requires you to create a user account (totally separate from forum accounts) before a link can be assigned to you. If you want to have access create an account and contact me with the details.

User accounts allow us to offer the following cool new features:
    1. We now have the ability to show user reviews of the sites linked. You must have a user account to review a link, but you do not need one to submit a numerical rating only (the basic ratings we have always offered).

    2. You can now make personal bookmark collections of links. These are stored on our server and can be used as a personal "jump to" page. You may keep it private, or share your list with others.

    3. You may subscribe to a category of links and if any links are added to that category you will receive an email. This is a good way to discover new websites that might be of interest to you.

    If you have any problems at all with the new software please let me know. Hopefully I did it right and it will run smoothly!

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