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packing for a trip to space.

Posted: Wed Jun 04, 2008 1:49 pm
by who me
hear is the idea, you are whisked off into space, you have some time to pack but you can only pack what you can carry. so what do you take?

I start with a towel and a zippo lighter.

Posted: Wed Jun 04, 2008 2:05 pm
by Qray
Multi-tool like a Leatherman or a Victorinox.

Posted: Wed Jun 04, 2008 3:38 pm
by The Master
Good sunglasses and SPF 45 sunblock for when I visit Tattooine.

Posted: Wed Jun 04, 2008 8:30 pm
by Llew
MP4 and a trench coat.

Posted: Thu Jun 05, 2008 12:24 am
by who me
a flash light for the dark side of the moon.

Posted: Sat Jun 07, 2008 9:06 pm
by Dark Knight
a sonic screwdriver

Posted: Sun Jun 08, 2008 12:14 am
by The Master
Almost forgot my camera!

Posted: Sun Jun 08, 2008 7:55 am
by DaleyPaley
Spare dry socks and a swiss army knife. Obviously! :roll:

Posted: Sun Jun 08, 2008 5:38 pm
by Boikat
I'd take my cue from the basic USAF B-52 survival kit as discribed by Major Kong:

Major T. J. "King" Kong: Survival kit contents check. In them you'll find: one forty-five caliber automatic; two boxes of ammunition; four days' concentrated emergency rations; one drug issue containing antibiotics, morphine, vitamin pills, pep pills, sleeping pills, tranquilizer pills; one miniature combination Russian phrase book and Bible; one hundred dollars in rubles; one hundred dollars in gold; nine packs of chewing gum; one issue of prophylactics; three lipsticks; three pair of nylon stockings. Shoot, a fella' could have a pretty good weekend in Vegas with all that stuff.


Add to that, Towel, Multi-tool, Big-Honkin'-Knife, and a six pack of beer, just in case the aliens are party dudes. :D

Posted: Wed Jun 11, 2008 2:10 pm
by Bmat
Meds seems a good idea. Multi-tool. Layered clothing. extra glasses. something to read. first aid kit. some kind of concentrated food. Some water- although I don't know how long the amount that you can carry would last. Yeah, a towel makes sense- could be used as a blanket or pillow or shawl. or towel. something to use as a gift- like Boikat suggested.

Posted: Wed Jun 11, 2008 5:16 pm
by Dark Knight
A large knife, like a Klingon d'k tahag,

and Some sort of phaser, or disruptor, you never know when your run into trouble.

Posted: Thu Jun 12, 2008 12:37 am
by who me
well air might come in useful to .